Feature Member Scott Rodhe

The Rodhe family has been in the grocery business for decades. Scott Rodhe started working in the grocery when he was 15 and never left, with the exception of college and a brief time when he worked in Wooster. Those experiences brought Scott back to the family business in 1993. The business was started in 1969 by Scott’s grandparents, and Scott and his brother run the business now.

Rodhe IGA has a wide selection of local products including cheese from Guggisburg, Holmes, Heini’s and Pearl Valley as well as milk and other products from local dairies. The produce is brought in from local sources when it is in season. They also have a meat cutter on staff so when the beef is delivered (also Ohio raised), staff members break it down into the individual cuts.

Scott’s main focus is the center of the store which is mainly packaged goods. Being a manager and part owner, it is hard to have a true focus and naturally Scott helps out with produce, the front line and anywhere else he is needed.

One of the prides of Rodhe’s IGA is their employees. A majority of the staff have been with the Rodhe family for 20 years, and some of them have been there 30-35 years. For Scott, they are family members and are truly appreciated for their hard work.

Rodhe’s has been located in a few different places over the years but each move allowed for more progress and allowed them to stay competitive in the overall market. The current location opened in January 1991 and while a few things have changed on the inside, the store itself has not changed. Scott takes pride in the way his family has been able to be progressive in their decision making including adding in a hot food deli serving breakfast and lunch, a full service floral shop and pharmacy.

Outside of work, Scott serves on the board of trustees for Holmes County Farm Bureau. His work in planning and implementing local programs is greatly appreciated!