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Food Policy on ‘Town Hall Ohio’

There is no shortage of people who want to tell us how to eat, or to tell farmers how to farm. The food movement is growing in size, and in influence, and is already having an impact on public policy. What are the consequences of disagreements between members of the food movement and the traditional farm community, and can they find common ground? Well known food and ag economist Dr. Jayson Lusk helps us sort through it all, on this episode of Town Hall Ohio.

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Joe Cornely 

Joe Cornely is senior director of corporate communications for Ohio Farm Bureau.

One thought on “Food Policy on ‘Town Hall Ohio’

  1. Avatar sontaron says:

    You keep try to make this sound like it’s on can sides find common ground but your guest and the way you agreed really were not after that. Lusk kept saying the food movement was mostly from urban people who were disconnected from farms and how they were coming at it from basically blind but good intentions but then how about food movement leaders through the ages like, Wendell Berry, Joel Salatin, Gene Kahn, Eliot Coleman, etc.

    By the way most likely the first mention of a sugar tax in the States was from the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity from Yale University in 1994.

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