Town Hall Ohio

Town Hall Ohio is Ohio Farm Bureau’s weekly public affairs radio program. The hour-long broadcast elevates important issues such as private property rights, food safety, wildlife, education, science and technology, business challenges, government and politics. High profile guests from government, industry, academia and other arenas are regular guests on the program. Find stations and airtimes near you.


Music with OSU President Drake on ‘Town Hall Ohio’

Regular listeners know one of the signatures of Town Hall Ohio is its incorporation of music. Coming out of commercials we try to employ what we call bumpers – clips of songs that fit the theme of the week’s discussion….


Financial Planning on ‘Town Hall Ohio’

Of Ben Franklin’s many famous quotes, one most often cited is “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” When it comes to our financial resources, few of us can afford to fail. Today, Kirt Walker of Nationwide…

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Development, Food and Farm on ‘Town Hall Ohio’

Ohio is a unique state. We have 11.5 million people, and for virtually every one of us, there’s a farm within a 20 or 30 minute drive. Both urban and rural Ohioans desire a strong local economy and a fulfilling quality of life.


WTUZ to air Town Hall Ohio

Town Hall Ohio, the award-winning public affairs radio program produced by Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, has been added to the programming lineup of WTUZ radio in Uhrichsville/New Philadelphia.


Central State on ‘Town Hall Ohio’

Since the second Morrill Act of 1890, Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio has sought designation as a land grant university. Two years ago, that goal was attained. On this episode of Town Hall Ohio, we welcome leaders from Central…


Town Hall Ohio stations and times

Listing of Town Hall Ohio stations and air times.


Medical Marijuana on ‘Town Hall Ohio’

Last November, Ohioans overwhelmingly turned down a ballot measure to legalize marijuana in the state of Ohio. 7 months later, the legislature passed and the governor signed a bill that legalizes marijuana in the state of Ohio. Granted, there are…


Homeland Security on ‘Town Hall Ohio’

I think for most Americans, the term homeland security originated in the aftermath of 9-11. What many of us may not know is that Ohio has its own homeland security agency. It’s mission: prevention, protection, response and recovery. It works…


GMOs and Food on ‘Town Hall Ohio’

What we used to take for granted is now at the center of millions of conversations: food. How it tastes, who grows it, and is it nutritious, safe, and affordable? What’s the role of technology in putting foods on our…


Statehouse Reporters on ‘Town Hall Ohio’

If you want to know what’s going on in state government, today’s panelists are some great sources. Jo Ingles of Ohio Public Radio, Mark Niquette of Bloomberg and Julie Carr Smyth of the Associated Press are experienced journalists who have…