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Town Hall Ohio is Ohio Farm Bureau’s weekly public affairs radio program. The hour-long broadcast elevates important issues such as private property rights, food safety, wildlife, education, science and technology, business challenges, government and politics. High profile guests from government, industry, academia and other arenas are regular guests on the program. Find stations and airtimes near you.


Ohio’s drug epidemic tearing families, communities apart

Washington County Sheriff Larry R, Mincks, Sr., Andrea Boxill from the Governor’s Cabinet Opiate Action Team and Tim Maglione from the Ohio State Medical Association discuss Ohio’s drug problems, why it is more prevalent than ever and what Ohioans can do to help fight back as guests on Town Hall Ohio, OFBF’s weekly public affairs radio program.


Keeping Your Green Space Green on ‘Town Hall Ohio’

Gardening and yard care is big fun and big business. Studies say 78% of Americans have either a lawn or some form of landscaping. Nearly half of all Americans engage in some kind of gardening. But the numbers drop when…


Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation on ‘Town Hall Ohio’

If you’re injured on the job, chances are you’ll come into contact with the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation. They’ve been caring for injured workers since 1912. Steve Buehrer has lead BWC for the past five years, but at the…


Governor Strickland on ‘Town Hall Ohio’

On this week’s episode of Town Hall Ohio, we welcome back a familiar guest. A former teacher, guidance counselor, psychologist and an ordained minister. He’s served as a member of congress, twice, and as governor of the great state of…


Ohio’s drug epidemic addressed on Town Hall Ohio

Ohio’s drug epidemic is this week’s topic on Town Hall Ohio. Guest were Andrea Boxill from the Governor’s Cabinet Opiate Action Team; Tim Maglione from Ohio State Medical Association and Washington County Sheriff Larry R, Mincks, Sr.


State of the Economy on ‘Town Hall Ohio’

On this episode of Town Hall Ohio, the chief economist for Nationwide, Dr. David Berson, talks about what’s going on in Ohio, the nation and the world.


United States Supreme Court on ‘Town Hall Ohio’

Any fan of Law and Order or a John Grisham novel knows that the really big decisions made within our judicial system are made by the United States Supreme Court. And while presidents and lawmakers are in the news almost…


Property Rights on ‘Town Hall Ohio’

One of the many really smart things America’s founding fathers did was to be guided by the concept of property rights: the ability of individuals to own things and determine how they’re used. Of course, with rights come responsibilities. Today on…


Statehouse Reporters Update on ‘Town Hall Ohio’

On this episode of Town Hall Ohio, we talk with three close observers of all things policy and politics in the Buckeye state. Statehouse reporters, Jackie Borchart of the Cleveland Plain Dealer and Northeast Ohio Media Group, Marc Kovac of Dix…


Current Ag Issues from Recent Ohio Farm Bureau Meetings on ‘Town Hall Ohio’

Speakers from recent Ohio Farm Bureau meetings including World Food Prize laureate Dr. Robert Fraley on feeding the world, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine on Ohio’s illegal drug epidemic, NFL Hall of Famer Larry Csonka on work ethic, farming and…