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Winter/Spring 2018 Community Council Discussion Guide

The Winter/Spring 2018 Discussion Guide for Community Councils includes four discussion topics, giving groups a few options for meetings scheduled throughout winter and into the spring. Participation from community council members ensures Ohio Farm Bureau continues to focus on critical issues, create better policy and help people work together to get things done.

Topics for discussion include:
Getting Involved in Policy Development: Farm Bureau is directed by its members. They define action programs, legislative priorities and regulatory positions on issues affecting farmers and rural communities through the organization’s policy development process. Group discussion and input are the basic features of a grassroots approach that leads to the creation of policy positions that guide Farm Bureau at local, state and national levels. Farm Bureau members have several opportunities where members can pursue their interests and discuss current issues impacting agriculture, food production and their community. Discussion Sheet

Dealing with the Rural Opioid Epidemic: Opiate addiction has become an epidemic in our state, harming families and impeding workforce development for employers. Farm Bureau leaders at state and county levels continue to seek funding and community support to battle opiate addiction that includes programs that focus on housing, employment, treatment, medication and methods to reduce relapse, as well as enforcement of laws and protections for rural residents and their property.

Experts in health care and social services are urging many community groups to get involved in combating the issue. This guide will explore how community stakeholders could get involved in these efforts. Discussion Sheet

Precision Agriculture: Precision agriculture (PA) involves implementation and uses of a variety of farm management strategies that rely on information technology to ensure that crops and soil receive resources that maintain optimum health and productivity. PA strives to ensure farm profitability, sustainability, resource conservation and environmental protection. PA is also known as satellite or GPS agriculture, as-needed farming and site-specific crop management.

More equipment dealers, cooperatives and service providers are providing PA applications. With the ability to access and analyze greater amounts of data, debate is developing on who has ownership of key farm production data, and how this information can be applied in public and private applications. Discussion Sheet

CAUV Reform: Starting in 2014, Ohio Farm Bureau took aggressive action to address the Current Agricultural Use Value (CAUV) calculations that were drastically increasing some property tax bills for farmland owners. This discussion guide details new provisions for the program. Discussion Sheet

Councils are not limited to these materials – Feel free to discuss additional topics and issues generated from the local newspaper, other publications and/or key events happening in area neighborhoods.

Keep in touch with Farm Bureau

Need some additional help? Contact your county Farm Bureau office for assistance.

Councils can access the council rostermeeting summary sheet and activity sheet forms online.

Remember to send council meeting forms and correspondence directly to the county Farm Bureau.

Many of Farm Bureau’s action plans started with conversation around a kitchen table, living room or front porch; lively discussion continues to develop using web applications, too.

To join a community council, contact the county Farm Bureau office.

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