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Group Membership advantages for your business

Farmers, consumers, businesses and entire communities are tied together through Farm Bureau, the largest agricultural organization in Ohio. A group membership with Farm Bureau is a great way for businesses and their employees to help strengthen the local food and farming community. Group members have access to resources, community engagement and professional development opportunities.  Additionally, group member businesses are eligible for marketing, promotion and partnership opportunities.

For nearly 100 years we have been working together with farmers to solve important issues that affect our members and their communities. From advocating for a strong business environment and ensuring the preservation of Ohio’s farm heritage to working for clean water and appropriate energy development, Farm Bureau is working to improve the lives of all Ohioans, not just farmers.

Geauga County Farm Bureau would like to thank the following for their group membership and support of our agricultural community: Patterson Fruit Farm, Sage’s Apples and Western Reserve Land Conservancy.

To take advantage of these benefits or to find out more, please contact Geauga County Farm Bureau at 440-426-2195 or email [email protected]

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