Clean Lake 2020 Plan gets unanimous support in Senate

Proposed legislation that helps farmers help water quality passed 33-0 in the Ohio Senate on Wednesday following Ohio Farm Bureau declaring the measure a “Key Vote.”

The Clean Lake 2020 Plan, as it is known, is Senate Bill 299 and House Bill 643. The two bills, introduced into the Ohio Senate and Ohio House of Representatives in early May, would invest significant funds to protect Lake Erie water quality.

The Senate unanimously passed SB 299, which will now move to the Ohio House of Representatives for their consideration. HB 643 awaits a committee vote to move forward.

Key Vote designation indicates that a piece of legislation is particularly important to agriculture and rural Ohio. Once the bill is designated as a Key Vote, votes will be counted in Ohio Farm Bureau’s process for determining which legislators earn the organization’s Friend of Agriculture designation.

Farm Bureau members will receive more details on this and other water policy developments in the July/August 2018 Buckeye Farm News.


Kelli Milligan Stammen is director of publications for the Ohio Farm Bureau.

One thought on “Clean Lake 2020 Plan gets unanimous support in Senate

  1. Avatar oldruss says:

    My family owns about 25 acres of “undeveloped land that is currently being farmed” in Lorain County. It has been farmed for over 100 years. There is a ditch that separates our land from the residential area behind it. None of the people that border the ditch are having any problems with flooding. The county has decided that the ditch needs to be cleaned. During this process, they have advised that any future ditch cleanings will require 25-30 foot easements on both sides of the ditch. They will then clear cut all vegetation in the easement areas. That will allow all run off to go directly in to our waterways, since the buffers will be gone. And farmers will get blamed for it.

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