Youth-led drug use prevention programs grant opportunities

The Foundation for Appalachian Ohio has a unique grant opportunity to grow the level of engagement in youth-led drug use prevention in Appalachian Ohio, increase the number of young people leading evidence-based prevention efforts in their communities, and to develop a network of Appalachian Ohio communities working to empower their young people.

Twelve grants will be awarded in Appalachian Ohio for adults interested in establishing a local high school-aged youth-led program or strengthening an existing youth-led program by grounding it in the Strategic Prevention Framework, which is a comprehensive guide to plan, implement, and evaluate prevention practices and programs and Youth Empowerment Conceptual Framework, which identifies the core programmatic components needed to empower youth to become community change agents.

There is the potential for additional support for leadership workshops, additional professional development for adults who take part in the training, and dollars to support the evidence-based strategies that young people will lead in their schools and communities.

More information can be found on FOA’s website or from this brief one-page overview. The deadline to apply is Monday, Aug. 20 at 5 p.m.