Sept/Oct 2018 Our Ohio magazine preview

Sept/Oct 2018 Our Ohio magazine preview

Do farmers really care about water quality? Yes. Meet just a fraction of the thousands who not only care, but are making strides to make a difference in the 2018 September/October edition of Our Ohio magazine.

One feature is about Ohio State’s Garden of Hope, a cancer survivors garden, at Waterman Farm, as well as information about plans to greatly enhance the facility. There is a story about the struggle to get connected and stay connected in rural areas and what is being done to secure reliable rural broadband.

Stories from the Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation’s ExploreAg program and a visit by several FFA chapters to the Blanchard River Demonstration Farms Network in northwest Ohio highlight OFBF’s efforts to spread the word about the varied opportunities for today’s youth to find their future in agriculture careers.

Finally, the newest issue of the magazine includes a profile of the Ohio Wine Producers Association’s Donnie Winchell and the growth of wines in the Buckeye State.

Also in this issue, OFBF Executive Vice President Adam Sharp’s Across the Table column reminds members to look past the political mudslinging and learn about the candidates and issues before casting a vote this fall. Don’t forget to read the 2018 Election Guide, a separate publication mailed along with the magazine in September.

A long list of Grow & Know events includes all the color and action that autumn on the farm brings throughout Ohio. The magazine is a benefit of Farm Bureau membership and Our Ohio support. Learn more.

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