Belmont County kicks off 2020 membership campaign

Belmont, Guernsey, Monroe and Noble County Farm Bureaus recently held their annual membership kickoff with 200 members in attendance. Vice President of Membership with Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, Paul Lyons, gave volunteers numerous reasons why landowners, gardeners, hunters, outdoorsmen, and many others should join Farm Bureau.

Recent legislative efforts were highlighted, as well as a presentation by Aaron Dagres, partnership specialist with the U.S. Census Bureau, on the importance of the 2020 Census to each county in Ohio.

Currently there are over 2,500 members in the Belmont, Guernsey, Monroe, and Noble county area and the membership continues to grow. If you would like more information on Farm Bureau or to join, you may contact the office at 740-425-3681; Belmont County President, Jerry Ebbert at 740-310-4436; or Belmont County Membership Chairperson, Carman Mengon at 740-695-2492.

Senior Organization Director Betsy Anderson stated, “There is room for everyone in Farm Bureau, from those that grow our food to those that consume the great products produced.”

Belmont County Farm Bureau is a grassroots membership organization that works to support our county’s food and farm community. Belmont County Farm Bureau members have a forum to discuss current issues impacting agriculture, food production and the community. There are opportunities throughout the year to meet with public officials to implement these ideas, and the Farm Bureau staff advocates on members’ behalf at the local, state and national levels.

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