Our Ohio Weekly

Our Ohio Weekly – Farm stress and rural resilience

On this episode of Our Ohio Weekly:

Farming often is listed as one of the most stressful occupations, yet most farmers say they wouldn’t trade it for any other job. However, stress that goes unrecognized and is not managed well can play havoc with the farm family and the farm operation. On this Our Ohio Weekly, find out how to recognize the common symptoms of stress, effective ways to manage it and learn about resources like the Rural Resilience Program.

00:00 – Eric Karbowski, community behavioral health Extension educator, Michigan State

16:50 – David White, account manager for government relations, Ag Credit and Joe Dagher, government and legislative affairs officer, Farm Credit Mid-America give details about the Rural Resilience Program

23:50 – Jason Meadows, host of the Ag State of Mind Podcast

32:20 – Ohio Farm Bureau Policy Counsel Leah Curtis discusses new, lower CAUV values

42:20 – Rebecca Singer from the Center for Innovative Food Technology talks about the 11th Annual Ohio Signature Food Contest