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Our Ohio Weekly – 5 Steps to Farm Transition Planning

On this episode of Our Ohio Weekly:

Farming is often a family run operation. As with any business, proper business planning and estate planning ensures that future generations can carry on the job you have worked so hard to build and maintain. Do you have a transition plan in place for when it’s time to hand down the farm? Waiting until you are ready to retire or not having a plan in place when you pass away can put the entire farm at risk. On this Our Ohio Weekly learn about Land As Your Legacy, a program that was created specifically for farmers to help them make plans for the future of their operations.

00:00 – Land As Your Legacy relationship manager Lauren Glovac.

23:50 – Ohio farmer Mike Boyert knows the importance of a solid transition plan. He how he has make a long term plan for his farm “To the Beat of Agriculture”.

32:20 – This year’s Ohio Farm Bureau Discussion Meet is taking on a new format. Program Specialist Kelsey Turner has the details.

42:20 – Licking County Farm Bureau Organization Director Kayla Jones shares info about the Wine Craze Corn Maze.