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Ohio Farm Bureau letter to legislators debunks livestock myths

Earlier this week, Ohio Farm Bureau sent a letter to the state’s General Assembly to ensure members have accurate information about animal agriculture and current manure management regulations and practices. The need for this letter was spurred by recent hearings and other public forums, where there have been misleading or erroneous statements made with regard to these regulations and practices. 

“It is important to the Ohio Farm Bureau that we share accurate information from trusted scientific sources on these issues,” said Tony Seegers, Ohio Farm Bureau’s director of state policy. “It is imperative that all partners in these efforts work with us and refrain from perpetuating falsehoods repeated ad nauseam by those who quite simply oppose agriculture. We have to question some of these groups’ true intentions as the baseless attacks and unfounded solutions don’t seem to be fashioned in a constructive way.”

The letter also addressed Ohio farmers’ commitment to water quality and how agriculture is working every day with conservation, environmental, university, and soil and water conservation district partners to find science-based and workable solutions to reduce nutrient runoff and help keep Lake Erie clean.

Read the full letter about myths being spread about animal agriculture and what farmers are actually doing to be a major part of Ohio’s water quality solutions.