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Insuring protections for beekeepers

Beekeepers need to be very clear about the goals of their business endeavors with all parties, including their insurance agent, no matter how big or small the bee farm is.

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Buzz around beekeeping is strong

Bill and Bonnie Stein have used their experience and knowledge to educate and help other beekeepers get started over the years.

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Backyard beekeeping means better pollination

Ohio has seen a steady increase in the growth of beekeeping — particularly in backyard beekeeping.

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2022 Adams County Youth Beekeepers Scholarship recipients

We’re excited to help these new beekeepers learn about beekeeping and the importance of it!

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Holmes County member wins pollinator award

Jim Croskey uses cover crops – largely clover stands – on Dalroy Farms to improve soil health, as chopped forage for the cows, and as fodder for the honey bees.

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July, August 2019 Community Council Packet

The summer council packet has two new discussion guides; both feature issues briefings directly from American Farm Bureau Federation policy….

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