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Labor Webinars: Creative Ways to Recruit Farm Employees

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Are you struggling to attract and retain workers for your farm operation? Your situation is not unlike many in farming today. Finding quality employees is challenging and unless you adapt to the new workforce patterns, attracting, hiring, and retaining workers will become more difficult.

That’s why Ohio Farm Bureau Federation hosted a series of 30-minute webinars that provide tips and tools on employee retention, recruitment, the H-2A system, organizational culture, and labor-saving technology ideas.

The webinars are available to view on demand. Use the registration page for each topic to access the recording.

Webinar Descriptions

Creative ways to recruit farm employees.

Ohio farmer Marcia Ruff and industry expert Michael Hoffman share creative ways to attract top talent to your farm. Ruff shares steps their farm operation is taking to recruit farm employees and Hoffman talks about using the KSAM method to evaluate potential candidates, allowing you to hire the best employees for your operation.

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Creative ways to retain farm employees.

In this 30-minute webinar, industry leaders discuss the importance of culture and employee growth opportunities, communication, and creative incentives to help retain the best employees for your farm operation. You don’t want to miss this informative webinar.

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 Using the H2-A program to address seasonal and small farm labor needs.

Have you ever considered using the H2-A program to help fill your farm labor needs? In this webinar, Ohio farmers Cameron and Mandy Way share how they are using the H2-A program to fill seasonal farm labor needs, and Sarah Black helps you understand the benefits and the ins and outs of the H2-A program. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the H2-A program and if it’s the right option for your farm.

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The importance of culture in recruiting and retaining farm employees.

Culture is an important factor in attracting and retaining farm employees. In this webinar, Ohio farmer Mark Ruff and industry consultant Michael Hoffman outline the importance of a positive culture in employee engagement. Ruff also shares simple steps and examples of their farm culture and how it is helping them attract and retain farm employees.

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Additional labor resources

These webinars are part of a collection of labor resources created by Ohio Farm Bureau and Nationwide designed to help position farm businesses as an employer of choice in this tough labor market. See all the resources at