Greg, Theresa Corcoran, Ross County

Growing our Generation: A next generation farm family

Greg and Theresa Corcoran of Ross County are featured editors of this edition of Growing our Generation, a newsletter for young agricultural professionals to share their stories, insights and tips.


County Farm Bureau helps farmers gain access to right of way

Several Ross County farmers turned to their county Farm Bureau for help when they discovered “no farm equipment” signs along a right of way in Chillicothe that they’ve used for years to get across the road. Last November, the Ohio…


Ross County Farm Bureau Scholarship Recipients 2016

Ross County Farm Bureau Scholarship Recipients 2016

Welch's Strawberry Farm  319 E Hydell Rd, Chillicothe, OH 45601
Phone:(740) 703-4826.(Photos by Jodi Miller)

Cold growing: Under cover strawberries flourish in winter

Story By Marilou Suszko  |  Photos by Jodi Miller On a typical February day, Ross County Farm Bureau members Al and Christie Welch lifted the row covers protecting the strawberry plants on their farm. “I saw signs of life among the…

Frank Burkett (left) presents a farewell gift to Steve and Kimberly Hirsch.

Hirsch leaves a memorable legacy of accomplishments while serving Ohio Farm Bureau

Hirsch’s relatability, availability and commitment to Farm Bureau allowed him to tackle hard issues during his years on the board of trustees where he served as treasurer, first vice president and then president for five years. He was first elected to the board in October 2001.


Ross County Farm Bureau Public Policy

Ross County Farm Bureau held its Policy Development Breakfast yesterday. It gave members the opportunity to help shape Farm Bureau policy through our grassroots campaign. All policy suggestions will be reviewed by the Ross County policy development committee and board…


County President’s Trip to Washington, D.C.

For 70 years strong, Ohio Farm Bureau has hosted a County Presidents’ trip to Washington, D.C. where county presidents and leaders advocate on behalf of farmers and landowners. The March 15 to 17 trip drew 90 county Farm Bureau presidents…


Ross County Farm Bureau’s Public Policy Breakfast

Ross County Farm Bureau Public Policy Breakfast


Ross County Farm Bureau Farmers Care Breakfast

Ross County Farm Bureau Farmers Care Breakfast and Workers’ Comp Meeting


Ross County Scholarship Application 2016

Ross County Farm Bureau Board of Trustees to award two $500 scholarships. Scholarship Application due April 1, 2016