Breakout Sessions and Descriptions

The Ohio Farm Bureau Young Agricultural Professionals State Committee puts together an incredible array of speakers, taking feedback from young ag professionals as to their interests. Tracks include: Business, Niche Markets, Production Agriculture, and Young Ag Professionals

If the speakers are present on LinkedIn, that link to connect with them is included, as well as learn more about their professional expertise.

The Art of Negotiation
Whitney Kinne, Whitney Kinne Consulting
Whether you’re seeking a raise, finalizing a business transaction, or just looking to sharpen your skills, this session will help you confidently identify your needs and engage in successful negotiation conversations.

Tax and Legal Developments for Young and Beginning Farmers
Ryan Conklin, Wright & Moore Law
In this session, participants will dive into tax and legal strategies that can result in a competitive enterprise that provides structure, liability protection, and sound tax management along the way.

What to Look for in an Employer
Adam Cahill, Ohio State University, CFAES
Whether you are starting your first job or you’re transitioning to a new position midway through your career, understanding your employee benefits is crucial. In this session, you’ll learn more about the tangible and intangible benefits and explore the hidden parts of your paycheck.

Retirement Planning for the Younger Generation
Steve Hamilton, Nationwide
This session will teach you the options and opportunities you have to prepare for your future by developing financial independence that also reduces the risks that come later in life. It’s never too late or too early to start.

Crucial Conversations
Jordan Henry, American Farm Bureau Federation
Crucial Conversations teaches skills for creating alignment and agreement by fostering open dialogue around high-stakes, emotional or risky topics.

Diversifying for Success in Agriculture
Rebecca & Edward Dalton, Dalton Farms, LLC
In this session, we will share how and why we have changed our business practices at Dalton Farms for profitability, sustainability, and for the next generation.

The Whys and Hows of Organic Grain Farming
Jason & Angela Schriver, Schriver Family Farms
This presentation will explore why a farm would consider transitioning to organic grain farming, the pros and cons, and the steps to getting there.

How to Start a Flower Farm
Kristin Flowers, Talisman Farm
In this session, attendees will learn how to start a u-pick flower farm and pumpkin patch. Discover a young farmer’s adventures in adding specialty crops and a u-pick operation to her family’s grain farm.

Starting a Winery and Marketing It Effectively
Donniella Winchell, Ohio Wine Producers Association
A practical and realistic presentation about the opportunities to establish a winery [and perhaps vineyard] in Ohio. While the rewards can be great, careful planning, information about pitfalls, resources offering assistance, financial considerations, and much more needs to be carefully considered before the first steps are taken.

Marketing for Small-scale Food Producers to Grow Their Business
Dr. Sarah Ison, Flourish & Roam
This workshop will provide actionable steps to implement for successful business growth. Identify how to exceed your goals by appealing to current consumer trends. You will walk through how to build a brand that lasts, pricing your products as a business, and create consistency by showing up for customers which supports business growth and customer retention. Dr. Ison will share what is in her personal toolbox that has allowed her to create a successful direct-to-consumer business.

Maintaining Landlord Relationships
Panel Discussion with Young Ag Professionals
Working with landlords can be a challenging task. This panel discussion will share insights on different interactions with landlords that can help contribute to the overall success of an operation.

Current Economic Climate and Cash Rent Options
Barry Ward, Ohio State University Extension
Review the types of farmland leases, types of cash leases, budgets for cash rent, factors affecting cash rental rates, quality/productivity ratings of soils/farms, cash rent data from public surveys, flexible cash rental arrangements, strategies for cash rental negotiations, sample leases, online resources, cash rental rate outlook.

Lessons Learned and Merging with Tomorrow’s Technology
Bo McMahon, Mid-Ohio Farm
This session will help you avoid the hurdles and struggles of adopting tomorrow’s technology and leave you feeling empowered to efficiently and effectively transform regional farming to adapt to today’s logistical and local food system shortfalls.

PFR Insights to Make the Most of 2023
Mike Hannewald, Beck’s Hybrid
In this session, attendees will learn about the results from Beck’s Practical Farm Research (PFR) trials that can be most helpful in driving their success for the 2023 growing season. We’ll cover the products and practices that are most likely to provide a positive ROI, review studies aimed at helping to make in-season decisions, and explain the agronomic reasons for why these strategies have a good chance of being profitable.

Building and Managing a Grain Marketing Plan
Ben Brown, University of Missouri
During this session, participants will learn the basic components of a grain marketing plan and the steps to implement one.

Volunteering and the Balancing Act
Jordan Henry, American Farm Bureau Federation
The life of a volunteer can often feel like juggling work, life, and helping out around the community. This session will dive into ideas that can re-energize the volunteer mindset and cover what steps we can take to make sure our time is spent as effectively as possible. During the workshop, we will learn some basic ways to be engaged in volunteer efforts as well as connect with others about what works best to support volunteers.

Mental Health – Do. the. Work
Jenny Freeborn, Freeborn Horse Training
This session will introduce the idea of being intentional about our mental health, focusing not on external pressures, but on the internal factors that each one of us can “do the work” on, to improve the overall mental health and well-being of our industry.

From a Veterinarian
Dr. Marissa Hake
Dr. Marissa Hake is a veterinarian who shares about her life living in rural America. She is passionate about agriculture and sharing about how our food is raised.

YAP Contest Boot Camp
Melinda Witten, Ohio Farm Bureau
Learn how you can showcase your leadership skills through the YAP contests like Discussion Meet, Excellence in Ag, and Outstanding Young Farmer Awards.

What’s Next? Post-YAP Discussion
Panel Discussion
What opportunities lie ahead for me within Ohio Farm Bureau? What activities are there following the Young Ag Professional programming? Come hear from those that have transitioned from the Young Ag Professionals program into active Farm Bureau leadership.

Encore Sessions

These sessions build off of the topics covered in the breakout sessions.

Volunteer Workshop, Jordan Henry
Join us for a hands-on volunteer workshop where you will also learn how to re-energize the volunteer mindset.

Grain Marketing Game, Ben Brown
Participants will have the opportunity to build a grain marketing plan and test it through a simulated activity.

Ag Safety on the Farm, Dee Jepsen
Farm safety is so important, especially when children are involved. In this session, you will learn age-appropriate tasks for your children and practice engaging in safety discussions with youth.

Mock Land Auction
It can be challenging to follow along and understand what is happening during a land auction. During this session, you will put your skills to the test through a mock auction.

Extended Learning Sessions

Join us for a two-hour deep-dive on relevant topics within agriculture. These sessions are only offered on Friday, Jan. 27.

Regenerative Farming and Innovative Technology, Chef’s Garden
The Chef’s Garden has been delivering specialty products with optimum shelf life, quality, flavor, and nutrition direct from the farm to the world’s most discriminating chefs for over 30 years. In this session, you’ll learn about the traditional regenerative farming methods and innovative technology the farm uses.

Zero Hunger | Zero Waste, Kroger
In this session, you’ll explore Kroger’s Zero Hunger | Zero Waste social and environmental impact plan. Through innovation and strategy, Kroger is developing in markets without physical stores. Kroger’s committed to help create a more efficient and equitable food and charitable food system.

Behind the Slides, Kalahari Resorts
Have you ever wondered what a resort looks like behind the scenes? In this session, you will take a guided tour behind the slides and see the inner workings of Kalahari Resort. During the tour, you will hear the history of ownership, the business model of the ownership family, and lots of facts and figures about Kalahari!