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Visit the FAQ to learn more about Ohio Farm Bureau's structure, members and purpose.

Ohio Farm Bureau is a federation of 86 county Farm Bureaus. Each county has its own board of trustees and volunteers who lead local initiatives. Ohio Farm Bureau has a state board of trustees whose 26 elected farmer members govern the organization.


Ohio Farm Bureau Federation
280 North High St, 6th floor
Columbus, OH 43215

Phone: (614) 249-2400
Fax: (614) 249-2200

Who is Ohio Farm Bureau Federation?

We believe that people have the power to shape the world in which they live. And that when theyíre given a place where they can work together, they have the ability to solve their own problems. Ohio Farm Bureau exists so people can put ideas into action and bring about a better, more secure way of life.

We believe growing food is a pursuit of happiness many Farm Bureau members do for a living, some do for fun and all know is essential. Farming is necessary work that instructs us about the natural world, inspires creativity, teaches responsibility and keeps families close.

We believe growing food in Ohio supports farms and connects us to our food. Whether itís a trip to your local farmers market or one of Ohioís 1,000 food processors, weíre all about homegrown.

We believe farmland makes our environment better. Farms provide us with a beautiful countryside, access to fresh local food and renewable energy--while at the same time contributing to one in seven jobs as Ohioís largest industry.

We believe eating is inseparable from farming. The more we know about how our food is produced, the more satisfying it will be. Visit our education site, OurOhio.org for more.

We believe animal care issues should be addressed proactively and with common sense solutions. Members are focused on solutions, not shouting matches. Through Farm Bureauís Center for Food and Animal Issues and the Animals for Life Foundation, members work in their communities to further promote the understanding of the human/animal bond.

What is the Mission of Ohio Farm Bureau Federation?

To forge a partnership between farmers and consumers. This means advocating for Ohioís farm families on issues that help them in business and, in turn, provide nonfarmers a wide variety of food choices.

Since 1919, Ohio Farm Bureau has worked to make Ohio a great place to call home, and it doesnít matter if youíre a farmer who produces food or a customer who purchases it, there's a place for you in Farm Bureau.

Our Core Purpose

Working Together for Ohio's Farmers.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity & Honesty
  • Grassroots Involvement
  • Promoting Agriculture
  • Member Advocacy
  • Teamwork

Indicators of Success

  • A strong, effective organization that is member driven, financially strong and focused on farmers.
  • Communication and consumer education to forge a partnership between farmers and consumers.
  • Public policy and political activism to create a stronger economy and a positive future for the agbioresources industry.
  • Preserving and promoting the contributions of animals to society.

2015 Goals

Security for: Food | Family | Community

Member Strength

Explore new membership models for future strength Build Farm Bureauís financial base to better achieve our mission Grow membership through a comprehensive campaign that involves all members and partners.

Member Engagement

Expand member contribution and engagement opportunities

Partner to create excellent agricultural education programs

Develop an organization model for the future that engages the entire food chain

Member Advocacy

Advocate for Farm Bureau's priority issues

Seek solutions to Ohioís water quality challenges

Champion grassroots policy initiatives

What our members believe

When people work together to find solutions we can generate prosperity in ways our founding farmers never imagined. Whether itís creating an environment for businesses to prosper, advocating for common sense public policy, creating constructive dialogue about food production, or founding great companies such as Nationwide Insurance, we see good things happen when people get together to work together.

Today it doesnít matter if you grow food or purchase it, Ohio Farm Bureau invites you to work with your neighbors to enhance the unique ways food touches our lives.

We firmly believe people working together, grow together. Letís move forward to build a food community that can distribute abundance through a policy of good for all.

And then, letís eat.

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