Respectful discussions are vital — AgriPOWER Session 3 blog

By Craig Pohlman, AgriPOWER Class IX participant

Farm Bureau has afforded me the opportunity to visit my leaders in D.C. several times as president of my county Farm Bureau. In September I got to go on one of their other trips. The AgriPOWER leadership class that I am in joined Ohio Farm Bureau’s Young Ag Professionals in a 3-day whirlwind tour of our capital and most importantly, some lobbying for our industry.

Advocating 101, monument and memorial tours, embassy visits and issues briefings from American Farm Bureau — we certainly had as much packed into our days as they could find the minutes for. Armed with everything that we learned, each of us got the opportunity to visit with our congressman or one of his aides.

Speaking of these aides, did you know that the world is kept organized and on time by a whole bunch of 20 somethings working their tails off to serve our country and their congressman and senators? I always find it fun to chat with these men and women when possible because they are constantly getting phone calls or visitors into the office.

Whether or not you agree with everything your representative in Columbus or Ohio is up to, I highly encourage you to get involved, get in contact with them and let them know how you feel. All I ask… remember that they are people too, and we all deserve a little respect even in disagreement. And if it is one of these fine young aides that you get to talk to, trust me they care, and they get a lot of anger. Try the respectful approach with discussion; they enjoy talking to other people about issues — especially when they are treated like people too!