Ohio Farm Bureau

We asked. You responded.

Recently, Ohio Farm Bureau asked community members to tell us more about their opinions on a number of important objectives at Farm Bureau.

More than 5,000 members responded, giving the organization valuable information on where it should focus and how Ohio Farm Bureau can do more to serve  members while supporting our core mission of protecting Ohio’s farms, food, natural resources and rural families and communities.

Survey results:

How likely are you to encourage others to join Farm Bureau?

7-4_10We are grateful that members are so willing to encourage others in their communities to be a part of the Farm Bureau family. As a grassroots organization of common sense and caring members, we can accomplish more together to benefit our Ohio communities.


Protecting and preserving family farms and our food supply for generations to come

9-4_10Almost unanimously, you told us how important protecting Ohio’s farms and our food supply is. We continue to make solving the issues that impact our farming families and potentially endanger safe food supplies our top priorities each year.


Defending 1 million jobs related to agriculture and the families who depend on them

9-4_10At the heart of Ohio Farm Bureau is our work for our neighbors who depend on us for their livelihoods and the security of their families.

We are proud that you are a critical part to ensure a future that supports our agricultural communities and ensures their health for future generations.


Preserving natural resources while meeting the growing challenge of feeding Ohio

9-4_10We hear you and we agree. That’s why we have invested over $2.3 million to improve water quality in Ohio and built programs across the state to help Ohio’s farmers preserve and protect the natural resources that we all rely on.


Educating the public – especially children – about food and where it comes from

9-1_10The education of our children is a priority for us and it is for you as well. In 2018, we are emphasizing our children, particularly those who seek a livelihood in agriculture. At Farm Bureau, our children and their future is as important as any other Ohio resource.


Access to local community events to inspire your passion for Ohio’s rural heritage and local growers and producers

8-2_10You agree that one of the great benefits of Farm Bureau membership is connecting to Ohio’s rural roots and those who grow for us. Farm Bureau offers you more access than any other organization to the men and women who grow and produce right here in Ohio.


Educating legislators and offering common sense solutions to our state’s challenges

9-1_10You recognize how important it is for Farm Bureau to continue its leadership role with decision-makers at the national, state and local level. Thanks to the voices and power of our membership, we can positively impact decisions being made that impact Ohio.


Saving hundreds and thousands with Member Savings Advantage at restaurants and retailers across Ohio

7-9_10Saving money as a member of Farm Bureau might not be the most important thing, but it’s a great benefit that you appreciate. Using benefits like Member Savings Advantage quickly add up to reimburse you for your membership investment.


Making a difference for farm families and future generations of farmers as a member of Farm Bureau

8-9_10Our successes at Farm Bureau happen because of you. Your support and continued membership makes it possible for us to positively influence the lives of farm families and those who want to serve Ohio by producing food and agriculture products for us in the future.