Farming 101 – 7 safety tips for driving farm equipment on the road

SMV signs
Pennsylvania and Ohio laws require you to place a slow-moving vehicle reflector on any machine that travels the road slower than 25 mph. Always point the triangle up, keep the SMV emblem clean to maximize reflectivity and replace the emblem when it fades, normally every 2-3 years.

Mark the edges of tractors and machines with reflective tape and reflectors. Consider installing retrofit lighting on older machinery to increase visibility.

Turn on your lights, but turn off rear spotlights when going onto the road. From a distance, they can be mistaken for headlights.

On the road
Avoid the highway during rush hours and bad weather. Ensure that you have adequate lighting when driving before sunrise or after sunset.

Pilot cars
Use pilot cars if you are going a considerable distance. Hang an orange flag out the window of the pilot vehicle.

Consider installing mirrors on equipment to see motorists around you.

Follow the law
Follow all transportation laws.

Source: Pennsylvania Farm Bureau,

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