The population is growing. Concerns over food security and the future of the agriculture industry are growing. The key to a vital agricultural industry in the next decadeand countless decades beyond thatis helping young people understand all the growth opportunities agriculture offers.

Our Solution: Create a sustainable future today.

ExploreAg is a program of the Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation established to encourage young people to think critically about the food and farm industry and the issues associated with providing safe and sustainable food and fiber.

From soybeans to Swiss cheese, the crops and livestock produced by Ohio agriculture sustain our families, counties and economy.

Agriculture is one of the largest industries and economic contributors in our state.  Farming accounts for roughly:

  • $700 billion of gross domestic product*
  • 10% of the state’s economy
  • 333,000 jobs
  • 52% of land

Beyond the direct production of food, fuel and fiber, a huge range of related scientific and support industries contribute to Ohio agriculture. Machinery makers, banks, research labs, insurance agencies, retailers—each plays a role in ensuring Ohio products reach
dinner tables, dressing rooms, greenhouses, grocery stores, and gas tanks across our counties and the country.

Yet as vast and productive as our agricultural industry is currently, projections indicate that in the next 10 years, we will need:

470,000 new workers in agribusiness
90,000 new workers in direct farming operations

​​​​​​Creating the future agriculture workforce today

That is exactly what our one of a kind science camp does: ExploreAg introduces students to the various careers in science, engineering and technology in the food and fiber industry and engages them in actively pursuing career paths that can help them become a part of the sustainable future of agriculture. ExploreAg is open to students from varied backgrounds, with diverse skills and interests, and provides them with an opportunity to explore and understand available career paths in the agriculture and food industries.

Our goal is that your student’s time at ExploreAg will lead them to discover a passion they may not have considered yet.

A camp like no other

ExploreAg camp is a week-long experience where high school students interact with and learn from internationally known teachers, scientists, and researchers. Students are hosted on campus at the various universities and are introduced to aspects of agriculture both in the classroom and through diverse hands-on learning experiences, both on and off campus.

Subject areas include food science, precision agriculture, animal science, natural resources, management skills, technology, and agricultural business.

In addition to the classroom experience, scholars will participate in field experiences that highlight cutting-edge research, and introduce industry partners, to provide scholars with a glimpse of innovative careers in related fields.

ExploreAg brings high school students into labs, fields, and factories to learn about career opportunities in food and agriculture. Weeklong and one day experiences are offered.

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Ohio Farm Bureau’s ExploreAg program is made possible through the Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation and its generous supporters such as, Nationwide, Farm Credit Mid-America, Bob Evans, Ohio Rural Electric Cooperatives, Ohio Harness Horsemen’s Association, Ohio Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association, Kroger, Ohio Pork Council, Ohio Poultry Association, and Ohio AgriBusiness Association.