Here are the most frequently asked questions about ExploreAg camp.

How much does camp cost?

FREE! ExploreAg camp sessions, whether a full week camp, or a one-day experience, are fully funded through the Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation.

Where do campers stay?

ExploreAg weeklong camp sessions are held on university campuses, and campers will stay either in hotels or in dorms.

What do campers need to bring?

Campers need to bring enough clothes, bedding, towels and toiletries, along with any other personal items, they would need for the week. Campers will have free WiFi and are encouraged to bring a laptop or tablet to use to complete evening assignments. Group computers will be available for those who do not bring one.

Will my child be supervised? Who will be working with them and teaching them?

To lead students in their camp experience, ExploreAg selects awesome counselors who are fully trained, current college students in the fields of agriculture sciences. Counselors are with the campers at all times during the day and in the evenings in the dorms for support. The camp director also accompanies students on all field trips, lab activities, and is available in the evenings for support. All counselors and staff are required to pass full background checks in accordance with university policies.

What is the camp schedule for 2023?

Three weeklong camps are being planned for 2023, and four mini camps.

Weeklong camps:

  • OSU Columbus Campus, June 11-16
  • OSU Wooster Campus, June 18-23
  • University of Findlay, July 9-14

Mini Camps:

  • Central State University, June 2
  • Wilmington College, June 4-7
  • COLT Electric Lineman Training, June 9
  • Rio Grande, June 30
  • John Deere Training Facility, Plain City July 7
  • Hocking College, July 31 – Aug. 2


How do I apply for ExploreAg?

Scholars are selected through a competitive application process requiring a completed application and one reference that is not a friend or family member. Apply

Contact [email protected] if you have additional questions about ExploreAg. Follow the ExploreAg Facebook page for updates.