Ohio Farm Bureau and Nationwide: Common Heritage, Longstanding Partnership

Ohio Farm Bureau Federation was organized in 1919 as a membership organization of farmers and rural residents dedicated to improving their community and strengthening their chosen farming vocation. Instrumental in beginning the cooperative movement in Ohio and addressing rural electrification needs, Ohio Farm Bureau and member volunteers were creative and ambitious in approach, and successful in their endeavors.

Ohio Farm Bureau earl 1900's logo
Ohio Farm Bureau Federation logo from early to mid 1900’s

One of their early business ventures was launched as a mutual insurance company in 1926 to best meet member needs, specifically inappropriately high auto insurance premiums for its rural members. The first policies were sold by volunteers who visited neighbors to enroll them with a promise of good service at a fair price. The Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance Company quickly gained a reputation for delivering excellent customer value. In 1955, the insurance company formally separated from Ohio Farm Bureau and changed its name to Nationwide to avoid confusion with other Farm Bureau-operated insurance companies, and to reflect an ambitious national growth plan.

Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance logo from 1926
Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance logo from 1926. Notice the similarities with the Federation logo.

From our common beginning, these two organizations, Ohio Farm Bureau Federation and Nationwide, continue to carry forward the promise of good service and fair price. For decades, both organizations have maintained a strong partnership in Ohio and have continually evolved to best meet the needs and challenges of a diverse agricultural community. We are linked by heritage and purpose – to serve and protect what matters most to our members and communities.

Murray Lincoln, founder of the Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
Murray Lincoln, founder of the Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance Company (now Nationwide Insurance) and long-time Executive Vice President of Ohio Farm Bureau Federation.

Each year, Nationwide provides support and resources to Ohio Farm Bureau. This partnership allows Nationwide to continue its dedication to serving the insurance, financial and risk management needs of Ohio’s broad agriculture community. And this partnership allows Ohio Farm Bureau and our members access to resources, expertise and benefits that might not otherwise be available.

Among many of these benefits for Ohio Farm Bureau members include automatic enrollment in an accidental death and specific loss insurance policy, automatic additional coverage for Farm Bureau members with an AgriChoice farm insurance policy, opportunities with the Land as Your Legacy program, and discounted rates on some insurance products.

Most importantly, this partnership gives members a connection to unwavering support and commitment from Nationwide, a company dedicated to the agricultural community.

Today, Nationwide is proud to be the No. 1 insurer of farms and ranches in the United States. And it is the exclusive property-casualty insurer for Ohio Farm Bureau, eight other state Farm Bureaus and two of the nation’s largest farmer-owned cooperatives.

Ohio Farm Bureau and Nationwide are proud of our shared history and look forward to a long future together, serving and improving Ohio’s agricultural community. To find out more about some of the great products and services available from our friends at Nationwide, select from the options below.