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Advisory Teams are teams of Farm Bureau members who discuss current issues within their team, develop and recommend policies related to their teams' issues and recommend any new programming needed related to their team. Team members also have a responsibility at the county level to report the team's activities to the county Farm Bureau president, Public Policy action team and possibly to the county board of trustees.

Recommendations received from advisory teams are subject to approval of OFBF's management, board of trustees, policy development committee, and/or annual meeting delegates.

Advisory Team members are appointed for a two-year term, concluding Dec. 31, 2016. The OFBF president, in consultation with the executive vice president, will appoint the team members. Teams will meet once per year and may be called upon to attend other meetings or to provide input pertinent to their team as the need arises.

Team members should posess a passion for their team’s issues, a desire to work with county leaders to identify local issues while also representing agriculture from across the state, take a leadership role to promote diverse agricultural issues, become active in the policy development process and represent your industry as a leader. Brochure


Specific Duties

• Serve the OFBF member and provide the voice of the member to the OFBF policy process. Seek out important issues relating to your team and bring them to the attention of the team chairperson.

• Recommend topics and speakers for meeting relevant to team issues via email, phone or postcard.

• Attend and participate in Advisory Team meeting.

• Provide input on issues which come before the team.

• Develop and recommend to the Ohio Farm Bureau Policy Development Committee policies related to their Advisory Team.

• Recommend programming or activities relating to their team to OFBF staff and possibly the OFBF board of trustees.

• Observe and/or participate in OFBF annual meeting through being a delegate or observer of the delegate body during the policy development process.

• Suggest ways to involve OFBF members in the implementation of policies adopted by the delegates at the OFBF annual meeting.

• Foster routine communication with county polity development chair and committee.

• Meet with the county Farm Bureau president, public policy action team leader and possibly county board of trustees to provide an update of the discussion following the Advisory Team meeting.

OFBF Advisory Teams


  • Farm policy and business sustainability: Business sustainability, taxes, farm policy, rural and economic development and property rights


  • Labor, transportation and energy: Workforce needs, infrastructure, development, rules and regulations.


  • Environment: Air quality; water quality, quantity and usage; wildlife, nutrient management and natural resources.


  • Workforce development and education: Ag education (FFA, 4-H, Ag in the Classroom), consumer outreach and awareness, university engagement; Ohio State College of Food, Agricultural & Environmental Sciences; school funding, JobsOhio, manufacturers, chambers of commerce and independent businesses.


  • Livestock, food and nutrition: Food safety, consumer trust, food availability, nutrition, animal health and plant health.


  • Health care and safety: Insurance, Medicare/Medicaid, costs, affordability, availability, rural health care, hospitals, workers’ compensation, farm safety, wellness, mobile health apps, illegal and counterfeit drugs, behavior and rural quality of life.


  • Food chain: Farm to fork issues involving restaurants, grocers, retailers, transportation, agribusiness, distributors, processors, manufacturers, importers, food safety (Ideal candidates would be Farm Bureau members who are engaged in owning, operating and/or managing  one or more of these food and agriculture sectors.)


  • Consumers: Trust, labeling, information, ethics, science, technology, economics; perception of food, farming and agriculture (Associate members could -- and would be welcome -- to serve on this team.)
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Ohio Farm Bureau Goals

  • We will foster a viable business climate for agriculture that will help all Ohioans prosper.
  • We will collaborate on a water resource management plan that enhances both water quality and food production.
  • We will adopt a membership model to grow membership and sustain the organization for the future.
  • We will create an OFB Foundation structure that will grow revenue and help us invest in programs that will improve the quality of life for Ohioans.
  • We will promote and grow our relationship with Nationwide.
  • We will inspire members to build vibrant communities.