Morrow County Farm Bureau readies for the new year

At the annual meeting Aug. 16, trustee elections were held, public policies were voted upon and approved, and delegates were selected to represent Morrow County at the 2018 Ohio Farm Bureau Annual Meeting. Rose and Greg Hartschuh were the guest speakers. They told about the wildfires out West in March, their desire to help others, and the response from other Ohioans. During the presentation, they were joined by Morrow County farmers in attendance who shared their stories of the trip and experiences in Ashland, Kan.

President Heather Goodman provided a brief report on the past program year. She highlighted events that provided membership engagement and advocacy as well as membership strength. She then recognized each board trustee for his or her effort, hard work and accomplishments over the past year.

Goodman also recognized Wesley Goodman, state representative for District 87, as a “Friend of Agriculture” and presented a plaque from the Ohio Farm Bureau.

Abra Dunn, Representative Wesley Goodman, Heather Goodman - Morrow County
Abra Dunn, Rep. Wesley Goodman, and Heather Goodman

Organization Director, Abra Dunn, lauded President Heather Goodman for her hard work and leadership during the year. Dunn also thanked the other volunteers and the county office staff for their help in making the year a success.

District 7 Ohio Farm Bureau State Trustee, Cy Prettyman, spoke briefly about the important things OFBF does and the changes in leadership of Farm Bureau at the state level.

At the board reorganization meeting in September, officers were elected and Action Team leaders and committee chairs were appointed. Morrow County Farm Bureau officers are Heather Goodman, president; Leila Bucher, vice-president; Erika Murray, secretary; and Don Bloom, treasurer. Warren Davis, Joanna Gall, Eddie Lou Meimer, Katie Post, Seth Romine and Larry Ulrey are the remaining board trustees.

Look for Morrow County Farm Bureau to participate in exciting local projects and activities to connect food and farming and strengthen our community as well as statewide initiatives to assist farmers with water quality issues and other landowner issues.

If you’d like more information about Farm Bureau, or you would like to help with some of our projects, please contact one of the county trustees or call or email the county office at (800) 327-6055 or [email protected].

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