Field Day with Jordan Hoewischer

Field Day with Jordan Hoewischer: Nationwide Insurance

Host Jordan Hoewischer sits down with Dan Durheim, associate vice president, Nationwide Sponsor Relations; Shawnda Vega, account executive, Nationwide Sponsor Relations; and Tim Hicks, business development field director for Ohio Farm Bureau, to discuss the history between Ohio Farm Bureau and Nationwide and how the two organizations remain committed to providing programs and solutions to meet members’ needs.

Field Day with Jordan Hoewischer is an ongoing series of conversations with experts and leaders who are helping to shape and secure the future of Ohio’s ag industry for generations to come.

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Q: So I know a lot of our members, a lot of people listening, the general public may know why Farm Bureau and Nationwide are connected so I guess whoever wants to go… Why Nationwide, why Farm Bureau, why are we here. What’s the connective point with Nationwide and Farm Bureau?

Dan Durheim: Nationwide started with a loan from the Ohio Farm Bureau and one of the things that’s core, was core then and is core today is that we saw that there was a need to serve farmers…farmers really had a need to have a specific product that would take care of and was priced accordingly for the needs to protect the things that mattered most to them. Fast forward to today. Much of the same. Right? Our heritage is in the same place. What are those incredible solutions that customers, members, need and desire and that’s at the very core of who Nationwide is today and I love working for an organization that is as committed to the people as when it started right. So you think about that initial loan that meaningless little bit of $10,000 that has turned a company like Nationwide into a Fortune 100 company based upon the needs of farmers and ranchers and being relevant to what happens in those communities. And I think that’s a really neat story as to why we still have a very deep relationship.

Tim Hicks: My favorite thing about the relationship that we have with Nationwide and it’s kind of been talked around a little bit today but it’s all about that relationship that we have at a lot of different levels. So you’ve got the board of directors of Nationwide they’ve got a great relationship with Ohio Farm Bureau board of directors and leadership and among the other eight sponsor states that you guys have a relationship with. Shawnda and I have a relationship. We talk regularly.

The relationships between county leaders and field staff from our Farm Bureau with Nationwide agents. You’ve got all these different products and solutions and we’re working with the folks at Nationwide to make sure that they they are the best.

Q. So moving forward to the future. Is there anything that jumps out is as a highlight to look forward to in 2019 or beyond; anything that jumps off the page for you?

Shawnda Vega: There’s a few things in 2019 I’m particularly excited about. So I think as we talk about how we connect the organizations, one thing is we’re looking at a safety program. It’s a rollout. Kind of been Tim’s baby, some modules but then also you know getting our risk, getting our subject matter experts out to actually work with communities and deliver some content. I think that’s going to be really exciting hopefully in Q1 to Q2.

Dan Durheim:  As we think about 2019 Jordan we want to continue to do better at having the right speed and ease for customers to get what they want. The thing that won’t change is our commitment to each other. Our commitment to the Farm Bureau, our commitment to being a mutual company. There’s a lot of value in the fact that our shareholders are our members right. There’s nobody out there or else directing so we can make these major investments in better technology and better ways that we serve what’s going on because it is changing. The way people drive is different. The way people take in information is different. I think members Farm Bureau members particularly expect us to know. Show up with the know. Show up with having had this deep relationship with the Farm Bureau to have the best solution for us to to choose, and we we are bullish enough to think we should have this deep seeded relationship that allows us to beat, to earn, the right to your business.