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Our Ohio Weekly – Food banks strained in many ways amid COVID-19

On this edition of Our Ohio Weekly:

There have been countless stories about the devastating blow that COVID-19 has landed on many industries, businesses and individuals. Millions of Ohioans are seeing their professional and personal situations becoming more challenging with every day that goes by. The global coronavirus pandemic has even wreaked havoc on those trying to help those in need, like food banks – who continue to feed as many people as possible as volunteers and food are in short supply.

00:00 – Pig farmer Ben Barcovtch gives details on the #giveapig GoFundMe page.

03:15 – Lisa Hamler-Fugitt, executive director of the Ohio Association of Food Banks, talks about the challenges pantries across Ohio are facing due to the COVID-19 crisis.

23:50 – Lena Schlabach’s Farmhouse Frocks has begun making face masks for her community and for major companies all over America. She tells her story “To the Beat of Agriculture”.

32:20 – On Field Day with Jordan Hoewischer, Robert Moore and Kelly Brakefield Moore from Wright & Moore Law talk about things to consider when wanting to transition farms to the next generation.

42:20 – Brown County Farm Bureau member Jamie Loudon talks about how he, his wife, Rena, and many other Farm Bureau members are pulling together to help their neighbors in need.