Our Ohio Weekly

Our Ohio Weekly: Innovations in the farm and food sectors

The saying “necessity is the mother of innovation” has rarely been more true for modern society than it was during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. That is particularly true for the farm and food sector. Farmers found new ways to market their products, manufacturers changed how food was packaged and delivered and more made-at-home recipes were Googled by the American public than ever before. There is one Ohio organization that specializes in helping those that grow and process our food more successfully and, needless to say, they have been very busy over the past 18 months. Learn more about the Center for Innovative Food Technology, or CIFT, on this Our Ohio Weekly.

00:00 – Rebecca Singer, CIFT’s President and CEO and Elizabeth Murawski, Business and Workforce Development Manager for CIFT talk about how their organization encourages economic development by providing technical innovations and solutions for the food processing and agricultural industries.

23:50 – Meet Young Ag Professionals Jonathan and Alyssa Zucker, “To the Beat of Agriculture” and find out how they understand that in order to accomplish something in the future, you have to have respect for the past.

32:20 – CIFT’s Rebecca Singer and Elizabeth Murawski talk about ways they are helping their clients combat new cybersecurity threats.

42:20 – American Farm Bureau’s Ag Innovation Challenge is underway. AFBF’s Executive Director of Industry Relations, Sarah Brown, shares the details.