Members are saving more money in 2021

Early statistics show Ohio Farm Bureau members have taken significant advantage of member benefits in 2021.

A few examples from John Marihugh, senior director of partnerships and member services for Ohio Farm Bureau, include Ford, Caterpillar, John Deere, Grainger and the Member Savings Advantage program.

While only Ford trucks are eligible for discounts in 2021, first quarter Ohio sales have outperformed last year’s sales by 34 vehicles, and last year all Ford vehicles were eligible for the Bonus Cash program.

Last year Caterpillar sold 68 units to Farm Bureau members in the first three months of the year, compared to 345 units this year in the same time frame. Similarly, John Deere increased its sales from 69 units to 104 during the first quarter year over year.

Grainger has seen a more than 22% increase in sales this year while the Member Savings Advantage program had an outstanding first quarter with over 3,500 members using the program on a monthly basis to save money.

“I think multiple factors are playing into the significant increase in member benefits, particularly equipment benefits,” Marihugh said. “COVID caused pent up demand, federal stimulus money helped, as did higher commodity prices, and construction projects are way up. These all help drive the economy.”

A new member benefit, Farm Bureau Bank, has already seen more than 50 members have their annual dues paid for by using the Farm Bureau Bank credit card, he added.