Pickaway County Farm Bureau

The Pickaway County Farm Bureau is the largest membership organization in Pickaway County and is focused on all aspects of those working in the agricultural industry. Pickaway County Farm Bureau was organized and incorporated as a non-profit corporation in 1928.

Pickaway County Farm Bureau is one of 86 county Farm Bureaus that make up the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation. In 2021, Pickaway County had 715 active members. Active members are identified as anyone whose livelihood depends on the agricultural industry. 

Pickaway County Farm Bureau is led by an elected board consisting of 16 trustees. Those currently serving as county board trustees are:

  • Cole Clark – Jackson Twp.
  • Bart Fannin – Scioto Twp.
  • Kent Hardin – Pickaway Twp.
  • Annie Lohstroh –  Monroe Twp.
  • Robert McCarley – Scioto Twp.
  • Ryan Mast – Darby Twp.
  • Blake Metzger – Deercreek Twp. – Treasurer
  • Bennett Musselman – Muhlenburg Twp. – President
  • Lee Radcliff – Pickaway Twp.
  • Rachel Scior – Harrison Twp.
  • Katerina Sharp – Clearcreek Twp. – Secretary
  • Kayla Steerman – Clearcreek Twp.
  • Keith Summers – Washington Twp.
  • Austin Wippel – Muhlenburg Twp.
  • Brad Wolford – Washington Twp. – Vice President 
  • Ryan Wristel – Scioto Twp. 

The mission of Farm Bureau is “Working together for Ohio farmers to advance agriculture and strengthen our communities.” The Pickaway County Farm Bureau recently adopted the following policies during its 2021 county annual meeting: 

  • Work with the Pickaway Progress Partnership and similar organizations to strengthen Pickaway County Farm Bureau members’ economic development position in the county.
  • Supports strengthening ties to youth and young agricultural professionals programs in the county.
  • Increase food security, health and wellness of Pickaway County families. 
  • Encourage the Ohio Power Siting Board to determine and take into consideration the economic impact to the agricultural industry, food security, and sustainability of the community when taking productive lands our of the supply chain for solar and other energy projects.
  • Increase funding to local governments to improve the safety and condition of rural roads and bridges. Fund road, bridge, and other infrastructure repairs and upgrades across the state of Ohio to better reflect and support the use of ever changing agricultural equipment.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Pickaway County Farm Bureau, the dues are $79 per year, plus an optional donation of $3 for the AGGPAC fund, which supports better government. You can contact the Pickaway County office at 740-474-6284.

Having opportunities to attend leadership institutes, advocate for rural Ohioans on the state and national level, facilitate young ag professionals events, and serve in a variety of leadership positions have helped my skills grow exponentially.
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Sara Tallmadge

Ashland County Farm Bureau

Growing our Generation
Labor has always been an issue, mainly because we are a seasonal operation. So that's a challenge finding somebody who only wants to work three months out of a year, sometimes up to six months.
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Mandy Way

Way Farms

Business Solutions
If it wasn't for Farm Bureau, I personally, along with many others, would not have had the opportunity to meet with our representatives face to face in Washington.
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Austin Heil

Hardin County Farm Bureau

Washington, D.C. Leadership Experience
I was gifted the great opportunity through an Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation Youth Pathways grant to run a series of summer camps here. That really expanded my vision of what ‘grow, maintain, sustain and explain’ could actually be.
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Jim Bruner

Mezzacello Urban Farms

Farming for Good
I see the value and need to be engaged in the community I live in, to be a part of the decision-making process and to volunteer with organizations that help make our community better.
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Matt Aultman

Darke County Farm Bureau

Leadership development
So many of the issues that OFBF and its members are advocating for are important to all Ohioans. I look at OFBF as an agricultural watchdog advocating for farmers and rural communities across Ohio.
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Mary Smallsreed

Trumbull County Farm Bureau

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