Thank you for applying for membership in your county Farm Bureau. Your county Farm Bureau belongs to the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation (“OFBF”), which is a member of the American Farm Bureau Federation (“AFBF”). By joining your county Farm Bureau, you are supporting programs at the local, state, and national levels that ensure the growth of food and farms, such as advocating for good government policy, developing opportunities for young farmers, providing student scholarships and grants, supporting local food efforts, creating food literacy programs for kids, and funding efforts to protect the environment, water quality, and farmland preservation.

Please take a moment to read these membership terms and conditions, which are intended to answer any questions you may have about your membership in the county Farm Bureau. Check back periodically as these terms and conditions may change.

Membership Application and Approval

Membership applications are reviewed by your county Farm Bureau Board of Trustees at its regular meetings. Once you submit your application you will receive a membership identification card and begin receiving member communications within a few days. You will also have access to certain member benefits (subject to any applicable waiting period imposed by the member benefit provider). However, you will not become an official member until your membership application is formally approved by the county Farm Bureau Board of Trustees. You will be notified if your membership application is not approved.

If your membership application is approved, you are expected to abide by the Code of Regulations and policies of your county Farm Bureau, as well as these membership terms and conditions.

Who is Included in Your Membership

Your Farm Bureau membership is a “family membership,” meaning it includes membership for your spouse if you are married, and all dependent unmarried children age 18 and under who live in your household. There are some exceptions to this; contact your county Farm Bureau office if you have questions. In addition, some member benefits are only available to you as the primary member, and some providers have different rules regarding who can receive a discount or benefit through your membership. For information concerning eligibility for specific member benefits, please contact the member benefit provider.

Memberships are intended to be in the name of an individual. If a membership is in the name of a farm, company, or organization, a person’s name should be listed with that membership (whether it be the owner, manager, president, primary contact, etc.), and all benefits of membership will accrue to that individual and his or her family as described above.

Membership Dues

Each county Farm Bureau sets its own membership dues, of which OFBF and AFBF receive a portion. By paying membership dues to the county Farm Bureau, you are supporting programs at the local, state, and national levels.

Most members pay their dues themselves. If you are part of a group membership or part of the Ohio Farm Bureau Health Benefit Plan, your employer pays your dues for you. If you are interested in the Ohio Farm Bureau Health Benefit Plan, please click here

You will receive an annual dues invoice unless you enroll in auto-renew. Also, if you are participating in the Ohio Farm Bureau Workers’ Compensation Group Rating Program, your membership dues will be included on your annual workers’ compensation premium invoice. If you are interested in the Ohio Farm Bureau Workers’ Compensation Group Rating Program, please click here.

Membership dues are non-refundable. If you mistakenly double-paid (i.e. paid twice in the same membership year), your overpayment will be returned upon request. If no request is made, your membership will be extended for an additional year. If you would like to request a return of your double payment, please contact your county Farm Bureau.

Membership dues or other contributions or gifts to the county Farm Bureau or the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation are not deductible as charitable contributions for Federal Income Tax purposes. Please seek professional advice from your tax advisor if you have any questions about the deductibility of your dues or contributions.

If you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution to the Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation, please visit here.

Member Profile

Please visit your member profile to update your contact information and preferences, enroll in auto-renew, and make payments.


Auto-renew is an optional service offering convenient and seamless membership renewal automatically. By opting in to auto-renew through your member profile, you authorize Ohio Farm Bureau Federation on an annual basis to:

  1. Renew your county Farm Bureau membership at your current membership category and county rate.
  2. Charge the applicable membership rate to the credit card you input online via your member profile.

If you are enrolled in auto-renew, your credit card will be charged on the 20th of the month your membership expires. You will receive an annual reminder email 10 days in advance of the date your dues payment will be processed. You may cancel your participation in auto-renew and avoid incurring the annual dues charge by opting out no later than 2 business days before the scheduled dues processing date. You will receive a confirmation email and receipt once the auto-renew charge has been made.

Should a credit card be declined, you will be notified via email and you will need to update your credit card information in your member profile or contact your county office.

Any changes to membership rates will be communicated to members via email notification.

Auto-renew is currently not available to members who joined as part of employer-provided group membership, or members who pay their dues through the Ohio Farm Bureau Health Benefits Plan, the Ohio Farm Bureau Workers’ Compensation Group Rating Program, or the Medical Mutual of Ohio Grandfathered Health Plan.

Voluntary PAC Contributions

Your county Farm Bureau board of trustees has approved asking each individual county Farm Bureau member for a voluntary contribution to the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, Inc. Agriculture for Good Government Political Action Committee (OFBF-AGGPAC). Your voluntary contribution can be added to your membership payment and will be transmitted to OFBF-AGGPAC by your county Farm Bureau.

Contributions are strictly voluntary. Any guidelines for member contributions are merely suggestions, and you are free to contribute more or less than the suggested amount. No member will be favored or disfavored by reason of the amount of his or her contribution or decision not to contribute. All OFBF-AGGPAC contributions are subject to the prohibitions and limitations of the Ohio and Federal Election Campaign Laws.

Contributions or gifts to OFBF-AGGPAC are not deductible for Federal Income Tax Purposes. OFBF-AGGPAC cannot use corporate money to support any candidate or party. Corporate contributions will be used for OFBF-AGGPAC’s administrative expenses.

Member Communications

We are constantly updating our member communications methods to meet the needs and interests of our members. You may update your preferences in your member profile, including opting out of certain communications.

$2.50 of your annual membership dues pays for a subscription to the print version of Our Ohio.

Member Benefits

Browse here for current member benefits. In order to keep the benefits exclusive to our members, you will be prompted to log in to your member profile. Ohio Farm Bureau strives to provide a robust offering of member benefits, and we often update those offerings to meet member needs.

Please visit our county search for detailed information on your local county Farm Bureau including contact information, activities, and more.

Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

If you are using our website, including your member profile, please review and abide by the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation Family of Websites available here.