Social Security: The choice of a lifetime

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Preparing for retirement isn’t always top of mind for those working in agriculture. Many operations have been in the family for generations (and intend to stay that way), so the idea of completely stepping away doesn’t always come up. But preparing for how they can maximize their Social Security benefit is something everyone should be thinking about, regardless if they ever intend to completely retire. This recent webinar from the Nationwide Retirement Institute will educate you on Social Security and provide the foundation of how you should think about claiming your benefit.

Health care: Plan for costs in retirement

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Farmers and ranchers will often delay thinking about retirement, but the rising costs of health care in retirement is something that should be considered even while they are still active in the operation of the farm. This recent webinar from the Nationwide Retirement Institute illustrates how future retirees can begin thinking about preparing for the cost of health care in retirement.

Leaving your legacy: Understanding basic estate planning and wealth transfer concepts

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Farmers and ranchers know more than maybe any other about the importance of leaving behind a legacy. The operation and how it has thrived under their stewardship, is the ultimate legacy to leave to that next generation. In addition to the operation, there are other ways that farmers can prepare to legacy plan for the future. This recent webinar from the Nationwide Retirement Institute will educate you on legacy and estate planning and help you understand the process and the tax ramifications involved.

Managing the taxes on your retirement income

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Even if a farmer or rancher may feel like they may never truly retire, knowing how to manage the taxes on the income they receive later in life, can be essential to getting the most out of what they have coming. This recent webinar from the Nationwide Retirement Institute will educate you on the importance of diverse retirement income sources and foundational tax basics.


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