Farming is and will forever be a challenging industry, and having the necessary information at your fingertips and finding partners along the way to help you meet these challenges is crucial to achieving your goals.

Retirement for farmers is different. And each farmer has a different situation.

  • Do you have kids that want the farm?
  • Do you or your spouse have an off farm job with a 401k or pension?
  • Do you want to stay active on the farm or move to Florida?
  • Should you invest cash in retirement or buy more land and equipment?
  • When do I start planning? And when is it too late?
  • Is selling my farm the best retirement strategy? Will land renting be enough to cover my expenses in retirement?

In collaboration with Nationwide, Farm Credit Mid-America, Wright & Moore Law Co. LPA, independent financial advisers and county Farm Bureaus across the state, Ohio Farm Bureau is delivering a series of workshops designed to help guide your path to financial security for your family, farm and business. In person events will be scheduled throughout the year. See below for event dates; if no events are listed, then none are scheduled at this time.

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