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Butler County Farm Bureau 4th Qtr Newsletter

Published Oct. 28, 2011

Find out what is happening with Butler County Farm Bureau. The OCT-NOV-DEC edition of the Farm Bureau News is going out to our members this week....

Meet the BCFB Promotion & Education Committee

Published Oct. 24, 2011

The Butler County Farm Bureau Promotion & Education Committee met in October to discuss program goals for the upcoming year. This dedicated committee meets throughout the year to develop programs and activities promoting agricutlure and Butler County Farm Bureau. Committee members shown in the video are P & E Chair Carol Dennison, Sarah James, Doris Kestermann, Martha Zecher, June Niederma...

New OFBF Member Benefit - $500 GM Savings Program

Published Oct. 4, 2011

Ohio Farm Bureau members can now receive a $500 discount on each qualifying 2011 or 2012 model year Chevrolet, GMC or Buick vehicle they purchase or lease. This Farm Bureau member exclusive is offered for vehicles purchased or leased through Farm BureauísóGM Private Offer at a participating GM dealership. Twenty-six GM models are part of the program, including the Chevrolet Silverado HD, honored a...

2011-2012 Butler County Farm Bureau Board of Trustees

Published Sep. 23, 2011

Election for 2011-2012 Butler County Farm Bureau Board of Trustees was held at the annual meeting. Congratulations to the elected trustees. Thank you to the candidates and outgoing trustees for their service. 2010-2011 Board of Trustees: Gail Lierer, Tim Hesselbrock, Kathy Hiltbrand, Mary Dengler, Terri Niederman, Carol Dennison, Bethann Niederman, Kevin Fall, Lynn Eisele, Jeff Schwab, Rita Beiser...

2011 Annual Meeting

Published Sep. 23, 2011

Butler County Farm Bureau hosted its 91st Annual Dinner Meeting Thursday, Sept. 15 at St. Aloysius Church in† Shandon. Around 100 people attended the event enjoying delicious food (catered by Shoelaces, Inc.) and good fellowship. Thanks to Daniel Zimmerman and Kaitlin Geisz, speakers for the evening, with their presentation "It Takes One to Start a Ripple." Business for the evening included electi...

Jeff Ittel - Green Prairie Sod

Diary of Jeff Ittel - Green Prairie Turf Week 5, August 29-31, 2011

Published Sep. 8, 2011

Monday August 29th We had a very slow day for sod cutting. We had only one order and it was a pickup. The new torque hub came in. The guys got that put on the TL. We held off watering with the TL. We decided to irrigate the sod we are currently harvesting. We want to keep the sod green. This dry weather pulls a lot of color out of the plant, and we don't want it to go backwards. We did a couple of...

Dan & Michelle Crout - Crout Farm

Diary of Michelle Crout - Crout Farm, Week 5, August 29-31, 2011

Published Sep. 6, 2011

August 29 Well, we woke up to another cool morning which is enjoyable and the cows really like it as well. Dan is going to deliver corn today and if time allows he will take 2 loads and then refill the truck for Tuesday. August 30 This morning we had to pull a calf that the heifer would not do on her own. Werenít any complications she just didnít want to push. Cows can be funny that way by not mak...

Jeff Ittel - Green Prairie Sod

Diary of Jeff Ittel - Green Prairie Turf Week 4, August 22-28, 2011

Published Sep. 6, 2011

Monday, August 22nd We started the week the way we normally do, by cutting sod. It was a lighter day with a few deliveries. We started the TL irrigation unit with the end of the field 600 feet away. When it reached the end we would wait a day or two and send it back on a return watering. With about ten feet to go the TL quit pulling. It appeared to bog down. The TL had started to pull an extra hos...

Mike & Suzanne Garver - Garver Family Farm Market

Diary of Mike Garver - Garver Family Farm Market , Week 4, August 22-26, 2011

Published Sep. 6, 2011

August 22†††† Mondays are the day I choose to get things done that are not really directly involved with our market.† There has been a wash out along the ditch on part of our property that† I have looked at all summer.† Due the heavy rains this spring,† soil erosion has been quite excessive.† So after everything for the market has been completed, I was on a mission to take care of the eye sore tha...

Dan & Michelle Crout - Crout Farm

Diary of Michelle Crout - Crout Farm, Week 4, August 22-28, 2011

Published Sep. 6, 2011

August 22 The weather is beautiful today, though we could use some rain. Dan is culling two cows today and will be traveling to tri-state livestock yard. It will take him about an hour one way. After delivering the cows he will proceed to Gratis and continue excavating on the previous dayís work. He also made a trip to Ro-Lin Farms to price fertilizer. Hopefully we wonít have trouble getting ferti...

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