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Mike & Suzanne Garver - Garver Family Farm Market

Meet a Farmer- Mike & Suzanne Garver, Garver Family Farm Market

Published Aug. 2, 2011

My name is Michael Garver, along with my wife Suzanne Hazelwood Garver; we own and operate the Garver Family Farm Market.  We have two children Alayna (12) and Andy (9).  Our farm is located in Lemon Township just outside of Monroe.  I farm alongside my father Robert Garver on our fifth generation farm.  We currently farm 1255 acres of corn, soybeans, wheat and hay in both Butler and Preble Counti...

Dan & Michelle Crout - Crout Farm

Meet a Farmer - Dan & Michelle Crout, Crout Farm

Published Aug. 2, 2011

Crout Farms Welcome to life on the Crout Farm. My name is Michelle, my husband is Dan and we have 3 children. One girl and 2 boys, a daughter-in-law and a granddaughter.  Our daughter, Shannon is a doctor in residency in Michigan, our oldest son, Aaron is married (to Jamie) and they have a one year old girl, Hannah.  Aaron is a John Deere tech and his wife, Jamie is an LPN. Our youngest son, Isaac...

Jeff Ittel - Green Prairie Sod

Meet a Farmer - Jeff Ittel, Green Prairie Turf

Published Aug. 2, 2011

Hello, My name is Jeff Ittel and I raise turfgrass sod. I am married to Michele and we have four children. Jahni, Holly, Madison, and Joe.        This operation is set up in partnership with my parents, John and Phyllis and my brother Jerry. We have been raising sod since 1981 when dad planted the first crop. The fall of 1983 dad asked me if I would be interested in returning to the farm and runni...

Melody & Oscar Fruth

Diary of Melody Fruth, Week 5 - July 25-28, 2011

Published Aug. 2, 2011

Week 5 Monday July 25, 2011 Oscar primarily did the morning feeding by himself.  Chris came around 9:00 to help finish up.  Jeremy hauled hogs for a friend to the Camden locker early this morning and picked up calf feed from Harvestland on his way back.  We have tried many different brands of calf feed from different companies but we keep coming back to this one because the calves seem to grow bes...

Ray & Judy Arlinghaus, Lori Ridge Farm

Diary of Ray Arlinghaus - Lori Ridge Farm, Week 5 - July 25-31 2011

Published Aug. 2, 2011

Monday July 25 As with most Mondays this time of the year, we started the day cutting flowers.  As a result of the dry weather we have a somewhat narrower selection of cut flowers available, but what we have looks very good.  Two orders were cut and delivered by 10:00AM.  A pallet of tomatoes were then loaded on the truck and delivered to Burwinkles.  That emptied the packing shed just about the t...

Bill & Bev Roe, Pedro's Angus

Diary of Bev Roe - Pedro's Angus, Week 4- July 18-24, 2011

Published Jul. 26, 2011

Monday July 18, 2011 HOT.  HOT. HOT. I make a gallon of ice tea, ˝ gallon homemade sports drink (1 Kool-Aid packet, 1/4 tsp Morton Lite salt, 1/4 tsp salt, heaping 1/2 cup sugar, 2 quarts water) every day. Plus we drink gallons of water.    Michael took calf 830 to Dr. Krom, leaving at 7 AM to beat the heat. Dr. Krom said the foot is healing and to continue penicillin for 5 days. But at least we d...

Melody & Oscar Fruth

Diary of Melody Fruth, Week 3 - July 18-24, 2011

Published Jul. 25, 2011

Week 4 Monday, July 18, 2011 Jeremy was here bright and early to help feed this morning. Then Chris and Oscar gathered the round bales of straw from Jeremy’s and brought them to the farm here.  After feeding at the other farms, Chris mowed grass. We got a new bucket for the skid loader today and Oscar used it to clean out the barn at Jeremy’s.  He spread the manure from the barn over the wheat fie...


Diary of Ray Arlinghaus - Lori Ridge Farm, Week 4 - July 18-24 2011

Published Jul. 25, 2011

Week Three Monday July 18 Flowers were cut starting at a little after 6AM and delivered promptly. Some of today’s cuts went to a wholesaler and some to retail shops.  The lisianthus were particularly nice this morning.  Five of the nine colors we grow were in are in full bloom and have terrific (long) stem length – something that florists want. As I think I mentioned earlier, we grow them in a pla...

Bill & Bev Roe, Pedro's Angus

Diary of Bev Roe - Pedro's Angus, Week 3- July 11-17, 2011

Published Jul. 19, 2011

Monday July 11, 2011 With the hot weather in the forecast, we hook up extra water tanks for the cattle. Since the cows are still in their breeding groups, we have 6 different pastures with cattle. All the groups have access to geo-thermal Mira founts. The geo-thermal tubes keep the water cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. But, when it gets real hot, some cows just stand over the water,...

Melody & Oscar Fruth

Diary of Melody Fruth, Week 3 - July 11-17, 2011

Published Jul. 19, 2011

Monday, July 11, 2011 Today was really a hot one!  According to the news it was 97 ° with  81% humidity giving us a heat index of 113°.  Dangerously hot.  But for some reasons the calves still expect to be fed!  In our newest group, they are all doing well and still on bottles.  From the July 1st group we still have two calves that have not switched over from bottles to buckets.  One is a very lar...

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