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John & Catherine Jacob - Crosswind Farm

Diary of Catherine Jacob - Crosswind Farm

Published Mar. 11, 2011

March 1, 2011 Welcome to Crosswind Farm. We are going to take a unique trip through the process of a mare foaling. Maybe before we start you should know the lay of the land. There are three barns that have different names and functions. The broodmare barn is the old dairy barn that in the early 80s Jay transformed the milking stanchions into 7 concrete block stalls for his mares. The hay and straw...

John & Catherine Jacob - Crosswind Farm

Meet a Farmer - Catherine & John Jacob, Crosswind Farm

Published Mar. 11, 2011

Crosswind Farm is a former dairy and grain farm in Okeana, Ohio with its origin in 1840. In 1974 John (Jay) bought 40+ acres of land west of Okeana and two miles east of the Indiana border. As the years progressed we have added land to total 76 acres. Many years of neglect created need for a lot of clearing brush and scrub trees before Jay was able to have ample pasture for his Thoroughbred broodm...

Diary of Kathy Hiltbrand

Diary of Kathy Hiltbrand- Week 1

Published Mar. 7, 2011

March 1, 2011†† ††† † Wow! The sun actually came up.† Itís still cold but not absolutely unbearable.† Checked on calving cows that are penned up; no action as of now, none are in labor.†† We have 40 cows to calve and six on the ground so far.† I fed young bull and the 4-H projects.† I headed back into the house to put a load of laundry in and take my girls to school.† If there is any drawback to h...

Joyce Brown - Brown's Family Farm Market

Diary of Joyce Brown - Brown's Family Farm Market -Week 1

Published Mar. 7, 2011

March 1, 2011 Here we are back in the greenhouse starting a new season. I love the seasons. It is a New Year, new weather, and new crops. The weather has been pretty much what you expect for Jan. and Feb. The cold, snow, ice, and wind all play a role in growing our plants even in the greenhouse. I can control most of those factors with fans and furnaces, and keep it cozy in there. I have been star...

Dave & Kathy Hiltbrand and family

Meet a Farmer - Kathy & Dave Hiltbrand and family

Published Mar. 1, 2011

Hello, we are the Hiltbrands.† My name is Kathy and my husband Dave and our three children; Karen Anne, Katie Marie, and Justin live and operate our family farm in Seven Mile, Ohio.†† Our farm runs along Seven Mile Creek.† It sits almost a half-mile off of the road making it the ideal place to raise our children.† We farm full-time along with running a trucking business.† Our farming practices con...

Joyce Brown - Brown's Family Farm Market

Meet a Farmer - John & Joyce Brown, Brown's Family Farm Market

Published Mar. 1, 2011

John and Joyce Brown have lived and farmed in the Ross, Ohio area all their lives. They have three daughters. Jody is married to Steve Boyd and has Jenna age 6, Jonathan age 3, and is expecting their third child at the end of March. Steve works at Scherzinger Drilling. Jessica works in the legal division for Proctor and Gamble and travels the world for them. Jamie is a registered nurse and works i...

Mary & Nick Dengler- Walnut Creek Farms

Diary of Mary Dengler - Week 4 - Feb 21-28, 2011

Published Mar. 1, 2011

February 21 Raining this morning on and off.† Now pouring most of the afternoon.† Hope the sump pumps keep up.† Guess we've had close to 2". Guys took 2 loads of iron in.† Jim fed at the barn. Orphan doing great and growing. Shipped several parts out and lots of calls.† Forgot today was Presidents' Day, no mail.† So, the mail got soaked in the box I put out. February 22† Had 2 customers come in f...

Kellie Warner- Edgewood High School Ag Ed Teacher

Diary of Kellie Warner- Week 4, Feb 21-28, 2011

Published Mar. 1, 2011

Monday, February 21 Happy Presidentís Day!† A Monday like this when we are out of school is such a blessing.† I had time to actually enjoy the entire weekend, and I still had a full day to catch up on a ton of work!† So, I spent today doing just that.† Most of the morning and early afternoon I spent shopping and gathering supplies for my Ag Science II students.† Students in those classes are desig...

Casey Family Suffolks

Diary of Eggy Casey - Week 4 - February 21-28, 2011

Published Mar. 1, 2011

Monday February 21 Robbie left to do the feeding before school. Sam left for work.† This morning we all woke up to a very cold wet day.† It's hard to believe 35 years ago today, Sam and I were married. It seems like the years have gone by so fast.† We have been very blessed. It actually rained on that day as well. Only back then the temperature was warmer around 60-65 degrees.† Days like this you ...

Mary & Nick Dengler- Walnut Creek Farms

Diary of Mary Dengler - Week 3 - Feb 14-20, 2011

Published Feb. 21, 2011

February 14 Happy Valentine's Day. Not as warm today Wind blowing so the windchill goes right through you!† Jim fed this morning at the barn.† Nicholas brought in parts to ship.† Customer came in and looked at a backhoe.† Several phone calls.Nick took a load of iron in that was loaded yesterday. Nicholas working on the flat tire.† What a chore with such a big tire. He fed at Preble County last nig...

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