Legal tips for all purpose vehicle use


A few tips for farmers include:

– All APVs not primarily used for farm use should be registered with the state and display a license plate. APV owners who primarily use the vehicle for farm use and qualify for the Current Agricultural Use Valuation program are not required to register or plate their APVs.

– The law includes restrictions on where children under the age of 16 can ride APVs.

– Penalties for trespassing are accelerated when trespassing is committed using an APV.

– While APVs can provide great utility and even fun, drivers should be cautious and take proper safety measures to protect themselves as they ride.

– Even though APVs should generally not be driven on a public roadway, there may be exceptions when such use is allowed, especially in the case of farmers. However, just like for cars, the law requires APVs have certain equipment features.


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