2023 Adams County Ag Day

Adams County 2023 Ag DayThe Adams County Fairgrounds recently played host to an extraordinary event that left a lasting impression on the minds of 750 preschoolers and kindergarteners from around the county. Ag Day, a celebration of agriculture and farming held April 26, provided an exciting opportunity for these young learners to experience hands-on activities that showcased the importance of agriculture in our daily lives. 

One of the main attractions of Ag Day was the opportunity to “milk” a life-size replica cow, complete with udders and a simulated milking system. Under the guidance of enthusiastic volunteers, they learned about the milking process and had a chance to squeeze the udders, mimicking the real-life experience. Another engaging activity that captivated the children was making fresh butter in a jar. As they shook the jars vigorously, the cream gradually transformed into a solid mass of golden goodness. It was a simple yet powerful lesson about the transformation of raw materials into food and the importance of agriculture in providing for our basic needs.

We hope Ag Day ignited a passion for agriculture within their young hearts, leaving them with a lasting impression that would shape their understanding and respect for the farmers who play a crucial role in feeding the world. This event is a collaborative effort amongst several community organizations and would not be possible without the teens who volunteered to assist in running this large event.


Labor has always been an issue, mainly because we are a seasonal operation. So that's a challenge finding somebody who only wants to work three months out of a year, sometimes up to six months.
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Mandy Way

Way Farms

Farm Labor Resources
I appreciate the benefit of having a strong voice in my corner. The extras that are included in membership are wonderful, but I'm a member because of the positive impact to my local and state agricultural communities.
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Ernie Welch

Van Wert County Farm Bureau

Strong communities
I see the value and need to be engaged in the community I live in, to be a part of the decision-making process and to volunteer with organizations that help make our community better.
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Matt Aultman

Darke County Farm Bureau

Leadership development
Farm Bureau involvement has taught me how to grow my professional and leadership experience outside of the workforce and how to do that in a community-centric way.
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Jaclyn De Candio

Clark County Farm Bureau

Young Ag Professionals program
With not growing up on a farm, I’d say I was a late bloomer to agriculture. I feel so fortunate that I found the agriculture industry. There are so many opportunities for growth.
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Jenna Gregorich

Coshocton County Farm Bureau

Growing our Generation
Knowing that horticulture is under the agriculture umbrella and having Farm Bureau supporting horticulture like it does the rest of ag is very important.
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Jared Hughes

Groovy Plants Ranch

Groovy Plants Ranch
If it wasn't for Farm Bureau, I personally, along with many others, would not have had the opportunity to meet with our representatives face to face in Washington.
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Austin Heil

Hardin County Farm Bureau

Washington, D.C. Leadership Experience
So many of the issues that OFBF and its members are advocating for are important to all Ohioans. I look at OFBF as an agricultural watchdog advocating for farmers and rural communities across Ohio.
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Mary Smallsreed

Trumbull County Farm Bureau

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