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Farmers look to the sky over a shifting climate

The use of drones on farms may be in its infancy, but it is expanding as climate change makes growing seasons more unpredictable.

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Drones: the future of agriculture

In 2017, Hamilton County Farm Bureau was one of eight Ohio county Farm Bureaus that earned a County Activities of…

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Nationwide News: Drone liability coverage

The following information is provided by Nationwide, the No.1 farm and ranch insurer in the United States. “As the use…

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Legal with Leah: Drone law, part 2

The Federal Aviation Administration has issued new regulations on the use of drones. What you can and can’t do is…

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Legal with Leah: Drone Law

Who can operate a drone and for what purposes? OFBF Director of Agricultural Law Leah Curtis explains that as of…

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