Organization Director Profile: Nick Kennedy

Nick Kennedy is organization director for Columbiana, Mahoning, Portage and Stark counties. In this role, he is a liaison between the county Farm Bureaus and Ohio Farm Bureau. He assists county groups as they develop and implement programs to strengthen their organizations, serve members and affect positive change in their communities.

Kennedy graduated from the Ohio State University with bachelor of science degree.

What is something you can point to that has been accomplished thanks to the joint efforts of farmers and community members in your area?

We have been working with our farmers and community members in eastern Stark County over the last year with a proposed park trail through many farms. We have helped facilitate a meeting with landowners to make them aware of their rights as it pertains to this trail. A group of concerned citizens was formed and with Farm Bureau’s support, we have helped this group get noticed. Actions have started to take place that have allowed this group to have a voice in the community and they have revived a citizen’s advisory committee. This committee is the citizen’s direct contact with the regional planning board. These citizens have been able to have more open dialogue about the park trail issues but also they now have a chance to weigh in on other community projects. This has been a huge win for the community as they now have an avenue they can pursue to help get their opinions heard.

What is your favorite Farm Bureau member benefit?
Member Savings Advantage

Tell us about one big project one of your counties has planned or has recently conducted

Columbiana County Farm Bureau held a breakfast on the farm event last year that had 1,500 participants attend. They helped to plan a tour of Baker’s Golden Dairy and provide a locally sourced breakfast. They had 100 volunteers help plan, implement and execute a great event. Many of the participants asked us how many years we had done such an event as they thought it was very well planned. I was proud of the group to take on a new activity and step outside their comfort zone. It was one of my favorite events of the year.