Carly Fitz

2018 Ohio State Fair Intern Spotlight: Carly Fitz

Each year, Ohio Farm Bureau employs 20 to 25 individuals as State Fair Ambassadors at the Land and Living Exhibit, located in the Nationwide Donahey Ag & Hort Building. These individuals are from across the state and come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Through this spotlight series, I hope to shine a light on some of our best and brightest that are beginning their journey as a young professional in agriculture ~ Haley Wilson

Name: Carly Fitz

Hometown: Glenford

High School / College: Wilmington College

Major: Agricultural communications

Favorite Commodity: Dairy! (Mainly Ice Cream!)

Favorite Fair Food: Fair fries!

What interested you about becoming an ambassador? I was most interested in learning more about Farm Bureau and having the opportunity to educate others about agriculture.

What is your background in agriculture? I was raised on my family’s farm in Glenford, a small town in southeastern Ohio. We currently have a small sheep flock, honey bees, a fruit operation and various fair projects including cattle, lambs and turkeys.

Why is it important engage with the public about agriculture? The gap between consumers and producers is widening at an alarming rate. If we as agriculturalists can inform the consumer of where their food comes from, then we will be able to effectively bridge that gap.

How does being an ambassador impact your future goals? I plan on becoming a lobbyist for agriculture. Having the opportunity as a young adult to communicate with others for what I’m passionate about has bettered my abilities to educate those who may not be aware of the impact that agriculture has on day to day life.