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Saving blooms from hot then cold temperatures

Weather patterns like we are experiencing this year increase the risk of loss for fruit and ornamental crops.

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Growing into a Groovy horticulture destination

Groovy Plants Ranch is a retail store and tourist mecca with a huge emphasis on unique and unusual plants.

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To rake, or not to rake, fall leaves

Whatever method you choose, understand there is no right way or wrong way to handle leaves each fall.

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Brannon farm changes gears during pandemic

Hard work, dedication and concern for others aren’t quaint concepts at Olde Tyme Farms. These principles helped the 20-acre chicken,…

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Heirloom plants for the garden

Gold pocket watches, delicate china and heavenly scented flowers are among the heirlooms passed along from one generation to the…

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Memorial Day busy for greenhouses, nurseries

A buzz of activity surrounds the lead-up to Memorial Day for nurseries and greenhouses, like bees hovering around the bright…

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Tips for finding the best location to plant garden vegetables

In real estate — and home gardening — one thing to remember is location, location, location. The ideal garden spot…

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Get a grip: Right garden tools lighten the workload

As spring nears, the home gardening chore list grows faster than dandelions. What’s a gardener to do? Perhaps turn to…

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Winter dreams—garden catalog temptations

Temptations abound in garden catalogs. To avoid mistakes and over ordering, several master gardeners were consulted for suggestions.

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