Dairy farmers are struggling, voice your concerns

Times are tough for our dairy farmers. We know our members are facing steep challenges in the market, including contract cancellations, low prices and falling consumer demand.

“We are aggressively looking for alternatives to help our dairy farmers outside the scope of the farm bill,” said OFBF Senior Director of State and National Policy Jack Irvin. Ohio Farm Bureau President Frank Burkett III, a Stark County dairy farmer,  talked about the issue with OFBF’s Joe Cornely.

Ohio Farm Bureau supported American Farm Bureau, which conceived and lobbied for a new dairy revenue insurance program, which is awaiting USDA approval.

Policy changes affecting the margin protection program and other dairy risk management programs within USDA were recently signed into law by President Trump through the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018.

Other actions that have been led and supported by Farm Bureau include:

  • Fighting to keep the portions of NAFTA in place that have helped dairy exports.
  • Lobbying for responses to Canadian trade practices that hurt Ohio dairies.
  • Supporting research that improves dairy production.
  • Supporting checkoff programs that fund domestic and international dairy consumption.
  • Lobbying and securing CAUV reforms, which is saving members an average of 30-percent.
  • Lobbying for federal tax reform has potential significant savings for farmers.

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Farm Bureau hears your concerns, but we need your help to magnify your voice. Dairy farmers including Tuscarawas County Farm Bureau President Jim Rowe and Marion County Farm Bureau President Karl Wedemeyer voiced their concerns during the County Presidents’ Trip in Washington, DC March 13-15.

We need to continue to let representatives know the challenges dairy farmers face.

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Kelli Milligan Stammen is director of publications for the Ohio Farm Bureau.

3 thoughts on “Dairy farmers are struggling, voice your concerns

  1. Avatar David Davis says:

    I do not know what the dairy industry is trying to pass off as milk but I now only buy snowville products. I cannot believe how the taste is dramatically better than the grocery store milk. When I was born in 1958 I drank milk out of the five gallon metal milk can. When I milked cows in high school we drank milk right out of the pipeline. I know what real milk tastes like and it is not the product that grocery stores are trying to pawn off as milk. Sad, very sad!

  2. Avatar hershberger says:

    “Struggling” ? The small family dairy farms are being eliminated ! Receiving letters from milk company that they will no longer be picking up milk if can not fill tanker. These family dairy farms have been around more than a 100 years and are the local faces of the dairy industry. Many exhibit at the county fairs and state fair which is where the general public can at least see where real milk comes from. How many mega dairys exhibit or can name the pedigree of there animals?

  3. Avatar Kim Steinke Steinke says:

    I read to not complain, but instead try to help ….come up with a solution for us small dairy farms. So my solution is to stop the mega dairies from building. They are what is hurting us the most. hershberger is ABSOLUTLEY CORRECT WITH HIS COMMENTS!!!! . We milk 100 cows and our kids want to take over. They showed at county and state fair just like their dad .And they want their kids to do the same.. No reason for us small dairy farms to get treated badly when we were the ones that started the great milk production.STOP the mega dairies!!!!

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