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Our Ohio Weekly – H2Ohio has Ohio farmers’ attention

On this episode of Our Ohio Weekly:

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine and Ohio Department of Agriculture Director Dorothy Pelanda announced earlier this year that $30 million in H2Ohio funding will be available for Ohio farmers in more than a dozen counties. The funds will be awarded as part of DeWine’s H2Ohio plan to reduce agricultural phosphorus runoff and prevent algal blooms in Lake Erie. Find out more about H2Ohio and how farmers can qualify for funds.

00:00 – H2Ohio Western Lake Erie Basin Program Coordinator Clark Hutson

14:40 – OFBF Director of Water Quality and Research Jordan Hoewischer

21:55 – Gracee Workman tells her story about a path through a dark time of addiction and mental illness to a bright farming career “To the Beat of Agriculture.”

30:05 – OFBF’s Tim Hicks, business development field director, gives details about the Workers’ Compensation Group Rating Program and online BWC courses being offered online.