2020 Election

Friends of Agriculture chosen in 2020 election

The grassroots tradition of Ohio Farm Bureau members engaging with candidates seeking to fill open seats within the General Assembly continued to be a successful process, even as members and candidates adapted to the virtual screenings needed during a pandemic. Members were tasked with finding new ways to review their current representatives as part of the incumbent Friend of Agriculture process, while also screening new candidates seeking office. 

The Friend of Agriculture designations were announced in the 2020 Farm Bureau AGGPAC Election Guide, included in the September/October issue of Our Ohio magazine.

Ohio Farm Bureau Friend of Ag designations held true to their history of successful indicators, with a 96% success rate for all legislative candidates named an Friend of Ag in the 2020 General Election.

The open seat candidates members screened saw a 90% success rate in their races, while even greater success for farm-friendly candidates was seen among the incumbents of the General Assembly, with 97% of those candidates retaining their seats. 

In the race for the two seats on the Ohio Supreme Court, incumbent and Friend of Ag candidate Sharon Kennedy emerged successful, while Judi French, also an incumbent and Friend of Ag, lost her seat to former Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner. 

As a bi-partisan organization dedicated to serving the best interests of farm families throughout Ohio, Farm Bureau looks forward to members being able to continue to develop strong relationships with their elected officials. As traditions go, there are few as time-tested as Ohio Farm Bureau members working closely with their leaders to shape agricultural policy in the Buckeye State.