Soil Samples – Limited Time Offer

Gallia County Farm Bureau and Gallia SWCD have partnered to provide Farm Bureau members with 2 FREE soil tests! Tests are per member household and any additional sample will cost $12/test. Soils must be collected and delivered to the Gallia SWCD office between March 22-26, 2021 (office hours: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Must call to notify of your arrival as the office doors are NOT unlocked  740-446-6173).

Why soil testing?

We all can appreciate rich green lawns, productive gardens and farm fields. To create these beautiful and productive areas, we need to consider that all plants, including lawn grasses, garden plants and field crops need 16 essential nutrients to grow and most of them come from the soil. Plants also require proper soil chemistry as indicated by soil pH.

To maintain the productivity or quality of lawns, gardens and fields we may need to add fertilizer on a timely basis to supply nutrients or add lime to neutralize acidity and adjust the pH. However, too much fertilizer or fertilizer applied at the wrong time may add more nutrients than a lawn, garden or field needs. Besides the added cost, this may harm the plants or create nutrient run-off that can cause a threat of contamination in our environment.

A soil test can identify the nutrient and pH needs. The true value of a soil test is to help ensure that only the needed nutrients are added, in the right quantities, at the right time, and that they will not affect environmental quality.

If you have questions, please contact the SWCD office, 740-446-6173.

How to collect a soil sample

  • Soil properties vary from place to place. The sample should be representative of the area to be sampled as a whole. Do not take samples from an unrelated area.
  • Remove plant debris or turf from soil surface at sample site.
  • Sample lawns, gardens and fields to a depth of 6-8”.
  • Using a clean plastic bucket and a soil probe or spade, combine cores or slices of soil from at least 10 locations scattered through out the area to be tested.
  • Break up clumps, mix soil thoroughly and air dry at room temperature. Soils should not be heavily saturated.
  • Place one pint of sample soil in bag.