Ohio Farm Bureau hosts Midwest Legislative Conference

Earlier this week, Ohio Farm Bureau hosted this year’s annual Midwest Legislative Conference in Sandusky. The event welcomes those involved in public policy from 12 state Farm Bureaus across the region.

“This conference gives us a chance to get together and compare notes to get a feel for all of the issues all of our states are facing and how we can collaborate and coordinate on policy development to address those challenges,” said Brandon Kern, senior director of state and national policy with Ohio Farm Bureau. “We had a great opportunity as hosts to show our perspective on the water quality issue, which all Midwestern states are facing in some way.”

Participants spent some of their visit on research vessels on the waters of South Bass Island and Put-In-Bay in Lake Erie, where they were able to see how water quality was measured and learn about the important work happening at Ohio State University’s Stone Lab and the vast amount of resources it takes to run that facility.

“I think a lot of our guests were really impressed with the partnerships we have built around water quality here in Ohio with university researchers and other important organizations,” Kern said. “Ohio has created a blueprint for success with the creation of the Ohio Agriculture Conservation Initiative, bringing together groups from agriculture, conservation, environmental and academia to work towards the common goal of clean water. Those efforts are working here and can be very beneficial in other parts of the country as well and that is what this conference is all about.”