Building unity in agriculture

AgriPOWER is more than an agriculture leadership program sponsored by the Ohio Farm Bureau.  AgriPOWER is discussions that challenge your own personal norm, it is bonding with others of all ages and diverse agricultural backgrounds, and it is learning about different types of agriculture that you may not normally be engaged in.  

During the program we have examined our own personal leadership styles and learned how to work better with others. AgriPOWER has showed us that we have the ability to reach out and educate ourselves and others about different aspects of agriculture through the networking we have done within our class members as well as with the presenters that we have met throughout the sessions.  

AgriPOWER has taught us about lobbying for our agricultural causes at the national and state level and the challenges of writing policies that represent the best interest of the agricultural community. We also interacted with local government and talked about the importance of the use of our own voice in agriculture issues from the local township trustees to our representatives in Washington, D.C. AgriPOWER has taught us to think beyond the corn and beans of Ohio to the cotton and peanuts of Georgia as well as the exports that cross the oceans.  

We were challenged to reach out to help those that are not as fortunate as ourselves and to embrace the diversity of ideas that we all have around agricultural issues. AgriPOWER is a program that builds unity, strength and cohesiveness in agriculture by bonding a group of people who will be friends long after the eight months of the program.


Jan Shannon of Orient is participating in AgriPOWER Class VIII. She is retired from working with Job and Family Services and her family raises beef cattle in Pickaway County,

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