Developing the next generation of leaders

There is no other program available that gives a person this much exposure to all the different facets of agriculture to be able to speak individuals in all three levels of government, and to hear from many other agriculture association leaders and other farmers from around not only Ohio, but other states as well.

While learning from other is critical, it is also just as important to learn from ourselves. AgriPOWER provides tools that allow us to be able to determine some of our strengths and build on our weaknesses.  Agriculture is an aging industry that needs to find and develop the next generation of leaders to be able to forge our own future.  We need to be in charge of our future, instead of people that are three or more generations away from the farm making the laws and decisions.

AgriPOWER is a program that helps to develop these next leaders. It provides a foundation of skills and networking for these next leaders to have a positive impact. If agriculture does not stand up and tell its story to the public, then who is the public learning agriculture from?

AgriPOWER has many tools to develop each of its class members to become their own advocate with a united message.  There are many different areas of agriculture, but agriculture only succeeds if all these areas have a united voice.


Nate Bair is a loan analyst with the First Citizens National Bank. He works on his family’s grain and beef cow-calf farm in Wyandot County.

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