2017 Water Quality Status Report

Thousands of farmers have completed continuing education training on fertilizer application to help reduce nutrient loss. They’ve put in cover crops to enrich the soil, developed nutrient management plans, opened their farms up to research and worked in their communities to identify both challenges and practical solutions to Ohio’s water quality.

These actions are all part of Ohio Farm Bureau’s comprehensive Water Quality Action Plan, started in September 2015. Ohio Farm Bureau has invested $2.3 million of member funds to help farmers improve and protect water quality for all Ohioans. With the help of dozens of partnering organizations, these proactive efforts have drawn national attention and accolades, including American Farm Bureau’s prestigious New Horizon Award, which Ohio received for its county water quality grants program. Ohio’s farmers and partner organizations will continue to work together to find ways to improve the state’s water and demonstrate that Ohio can have both clean water and productive farming.

This water quality report is part of a series of reports Ohio Farm Bureau has produced to show the strides farmers have made in improving and protecting one of the state’s most valuable resources.

For the full 2017 Water Quality Report, click here.